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Raising The Beacon Of Hope With "Bella Ciao"
Brand: Money Heist
Client: Netflix India
Entrant: Wavemaker

Raising The Beacon Of Hope With

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Entry Title: Raising The Beacon Of Hope With "Bella Ciao"
Brand: Money Heist
Client: Netflix India
Entrant Company: Wavemaker
Description: The work is a first-of-its-kind innovation executed in Print where the ad was delivered as “Money Heist” memorabilia to its Fans. The innovation was a beacon of hope lifting the spirits of people amidst a grim and gloomy environment of the pandemic. It was an effort towards celebrating fandom and cheering people through the popular Money Heist characters/moments. We leveraged the reach of the Print medium to deliver Money Heist memorabilia to the fans at scale. This was an effort to gratify the audience for the love they had shown for the characters of Money Heist over the years.

Money Heist has been one of the most successful IPs of Netflix. The final season of Money Heist was going to stream on Netflix, bringing the story of The Professor and his bank-robbing gang to a dramatic close.
The crime drama, which hails from Spain, had become both an international and local sensation, amassing legions of die-hard fans.

While this was the most anticipated finale for the fans of Money Heist, this was also our last chance to leverage the strength of the IP to bring the non-fans of Money Heist on the platform by creating enough buzz around it.

Objective 1 – We wanted to celebrate the love expressed by the fans of Money Heist - Fueling the fandom.
Objective 2 – Create enough excitement amongst the non-fans to make them sign up for Netflix and watch Money Heist

There was a need for a positive interruption during the punishing times of the pandemic.

We knew our fans had made a huge degree of investment with this show and had a deep emotional attachment with the characters and moments of Money Heist.

This was the perfect opportunity to bring some cheer to their monotonous pandemic-struck lives. And we decided to offer them a unique experience.

Our creative idea was deep-rooted in the insight that when a fan is made to feel special, they share their experience with others which makes them feel more elevated and gratified. It is a sense of pride and contentment in sharing back their experience through shared enthusiasm.

From the virtual realm of communication, we wanted to extend the fandom into the real world.
We went about creating “physical memorabilia” for our fans. A Souvenir to remember the journey.

The core audience for our campaign was in the demo 18-34 in urban centers of India like Mumbai and Delhi. They were:
1. Existing Fans
2. Non-Fans:

Our campaign’s success was dependent on people’s response and therefore, we decided to employ “Attention marketing Strategy”– a psychology marketing to INFLUENCE A POSITIVE RESPONSE where we had to get consumer’s attention, hold their attention while the ad is personally relevant with a compelling CTA.
We decided to harness the power of Print to distribute the memorabilia at scale. We partnered with the leading publication of India “Hindustan Times” to create a one-of-a-kind, global first innovation, where we used a bank of interesting moments of the favorite characters from the series and turned them into stickers that could be easily peeled and pasted.

We created a newspaper ad as a collectible innovation! The cut-outs of the Money Heist characters could be pulled out from the newspaper and used as stickers by the fans of the show, literally bringing the beloved characters into people's homes.

Creating stickers with adhesive and perforation, on a newspaper, had both technological and timeline constraints. Quality stickers demanded special paper too.

Delivered with perfection to more than 11 million homes, these papers were manually folded as the machine did not support the folding of this thick paper. From conceptualization to the final delivery, it was a 45-day long process.

Money Heist fans of Mumbai and Delhi woke up to a sweet surprise as they found their favorite Money Heist characters delivered as collectibles with their morning news!

We nurtured the show’s fandom to lift people’s spirits and bring cheer. We gave the fans a reason to celebrate and rejoice.

• CONVERSATIONS: The print sticker activity generated 235k conversations on social media


a. 990+ Press stories
b. 20892 mn impressions through news
c. 1600+ influencers picked up the campaign beat

• SEARCH VOLUME: MONEY HEIST BECAME THE MOST SEARCHED SHOW IN INDIA WITH 3.3 MN SEARCHES amongst other popular IPS of other streaming services


• NETFLIX APP DOWNLOAD WENT UP BY 14% successfully driving a loyal customer base for Netflix in India.

Season 5 of Money Heist became the highest performing global IP in India
Company Credits: Wavemaker India
Company Credits: Creativeland Asia
Individual Credits: Amrita Choudhary
Individual Credits: Ashwin Salian
Individual Credits: Darshit Shah
Individual Credits: Kaushik Sengupta
Individual Credits: Gaurav Shetye
Individual Credits: Krupa Sarup
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