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Snap The Chain - Sanlaap India - Sanlaap JPG
Snap The Chain - Sanlaap India - Sanlaap JPG
Snap The Chain - Sanlaap India - Sanlaap JPG
Snap The Chain - Sanlaap India - Sanlaap JPG
Snap The Chain - Sanlaap India - Sanlaap JPG

Snap The Chain - Sanlaap
Client: Sanlaap India
Entrant: Wunderman Thompson India

Snap The Chain - Sanlaap - Sanlaap India

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Snap The Chain
Brand: Sanlaap
Client: Sanlaap India
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson India
Description: Insight:
An estimated 16 million women are victims of sex trafficking in India. Unfortunately, only 7% of them are ever rescued. That’s because human trafficking networks operate and thrive through sophisticated supply chains. Victims find themselves caught in this supply chain, kicked on from handler to handler. A cruel passing game perfected by its perpetrators, making it almost impossible to track, rescue and rehabilitate them. This unfortunate reality is the inspiration for our campaign.

Execution and Design:
Traffickers view their victims as objects and their lives as something to be played with. Which is why, we have represented their plight using a football formation, integrated with an intricate, highly detailed art style that juxtaposes the victim's journey from a safe environment into the hands of these evil doers.

Our design approach is simple, clean with minimal chaos of lines and shapes. We constructed the supply chain design in the style of a football formation, with the overall construct based on the juxtaposition in the victim’s journey from safety to sex trafficking. As the eye travels along the design, the victim’s story unravels and takes the viewer on a visual journey. Upon careful, indulgent inspection, more and more key details are revealed.

Elaborate details on each character clearly bring alive who they are and what their role is in the victim’s journey. The more time spent decoding every design detail, the deeper the connection with the viewer. The contrasting lines on the white background makes the poster easy on the eyes, while the intricate design forms patterns at key turning points in the story.

The posters were placed at key locations in the supply chain such as bus stops and railway stations, as well as high footfall shopping malls and dining outlets. All to raise awareness about how traffickers operate, the terrible plight of victims. And most importantly, how anyone can reach out to Sanlaap to help snap the chain.
Company Credits: Wunderman Thompson India
Individual Credits: Senthil Kumar, CCO
Individual Credits: Priya Shivakumar, Sr. NCD
Individual Credits: Rahul Bhojraj, AVP & Sr. Creative Director, Illustrator
Individual Credits: Ashwin Mariadoss, Creative Director Copy
Individual Credits: Sajin PG, Sr. Art Director, Co-Illustrator
Individual Credits: Akshita Yadav, Art Director, Co-Illustrator
Individual Credits: Muhammed Shafi, Sr. Art Director, Co-Illustrator
Individual Credits: Het Parikh, Co-Illustrator
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