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Perk Disclaimers - Cadbury Perk
Client: Mondelēz India
Entrant: Ogilvy India

Perk Disclaimers - Cadbury Perk - Mondelēz India

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Entry Title: Perk Disclaimers
Brand: Cadbury Perk
Client: Mondelēz India
Entrant Company: Ogilvy India
Description: Brief: To build on Cadbury’s Perk’s tagline, which translates to “Eat Perk to lighten up”.

Idea: Lately, audiences have been getting offended over the most innocuous details, and content creators have been protecting themselves by flashing disclaimers at the start of every video. We pushed this to the extreme by prefixing mock disclaimers to EVERY popular video on Youtube. We identified “offensive” moments in hundreds of videos, made disclaimers for them in real time, customized them further using automation, and served them as fully contextual pre-roll ads. The twist - the moments we picked were anything but offensive. We took a dig at cancel-culture by flagging off the most harmless moments as potentially offensive. Even recipe videos and cartoons weren’t spared, and we hijacked over 25,00,000 videos!

Results: 84 million views. 635 million impressions. Earned media worth $500,000. 20% increase in sales.
Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Company Credits: Wavemaker
Individual Credits: Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Kainaz Karmakar, Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Harshad Rajadhyaksha, Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Karunasagar Sridharan, Group Creative Director
Individual Credits: Karunasagar Sridharan, Copywriter
Individual Credits: Jugal Joseph, Copywriter
Individual Credits: Kaustubh Basankar, Art Director
Individual Credits: Nishigandh Dhende, Art Director
Individual Credits: Himanshu Sonparote, Art Director
Individual Credits: Beenu Kurup, Senior Vice President
Individual Credits: Ankur Gupta, Account Management
Individual Credits: Khyati Samant, Account Management
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