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Young Sachin - Ageas Federal Life Insurance
Client: Ageas Federal Life Insurance
Entrant: VMLY&R

Young Sachin - Ageas Federal Life Insurance - Ageas Federal Life Insurance

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Young Sachin
Brand: Ageas Federal Life Insurance
Client: Ageas Federal Life Insurance
Entrant Company: VMLY&R
Description: Background: India has the world’s highest levels of parental pressure. Driven by financial insecurity, parents push their kids towards conventional career paths. Ageas Federal Life Insurance, wanted to inspire kids to follow their dreams.

Insight: India’s biggest icon, Sachin Tendulkar also faced extreme pressure as a child. But he pursued his passion and succeeded.

Idea: We turned Sachin into a 11-year old boy using Deepfake AI. We made an inspirational film, where young Sachin talked about how he dealt with pressure and urged kids to follow their passion.

Execution: Sachin’s history is well-known, so authenticity and accuracy were key. There were no videos or photos of Sachin as a child. Deep research with his family helped uncover few photographs. These were input into a DeepFake AI program to "learn" his face. Another learning source was the current 50 year old Sachin who we used for expressions and features. The DeepFake process took over 3 months to learn, fine tune and finesse. We auditioned over 50 boys as base models. We created a 3D head and merged the AI face with the base model. We even de-aged his voice to sound like a child. We recreated his middle-class bedroom, by interviewing the family and tracing their collective memories, so that we stayed faithful to the house where Sachin grew up.

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Company Credits: VMLY&R
Company Credits: Monkey On Hot Bricks
Company Credits: VFX: Metropolitana, Barcelona
Individual Credits: Regional Chief Creative Officer: Valerie Madon
Individual Credits: Chief Creative Officer: Mukund Olety
Individual Credits: Executive Creative Director: Rajshekar Patil
Individual Credits: Associate Creative Director (Copy): Yash Modi
Individual Credits: Associate Creative Director (Art): Jitesh Raut
Individual Credits: Copywriters: Rajshekar Patil, Mukund Olety, Anushka Bose
Individual Credits: Art Directors: Harsh Vardhan, Sayali Eksambekar
Individual Credits: Executive Vice President: Saurabh Mathur
Individual Credits: Client Services Director: Tejal Turakhia
Individual Credits: Group Account Manager: Tamalika Saha
Individual Credits: Agency Producer: Gurjyot Singh
Individual Credits: Hindi Translation: Amogh Purohit
Individual Credits: Director: Shaunit Motwani
Individual Credits: Producers: Junaid Pandrowala and Shabbir Motiwala
Individual Credits: Cinematography: Mitesh Mirchandani
Individual Credits: CGI Artist: Nico Roig
Individual Credits: VFX: Vinay Goenka
Individual Credits: Art Director: Surabhi Laddha
Individual Credits: Editor: Akshay Mehta
Individual Credits: Music Director: Adnan Siddiqui
Individual Credits: Sound Engineer: Ninad Nad
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