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Machine Gun Mouth - Krafton - Battlegrounds Mobile India JPG
Machine Gun Mouth - Krafton - Battlegrounds Mobile India MOV 1m:00s

Machine Gun Mouth - Battlegrounds Mobile India
Client: Krafton
Entrant: DDB Mudra Group

Machine Gun Mouth - Battlegrounds Mobile India - Krafton

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Entry Title: Machine Gun Mouth
Brand: Battlegrounds Mobile India
Client: Krafton
Entrant Company: DDB Mudra Group
Description: Battlegrounds Mobile India (known as PUB-G worldwide) is an extremely popular game amongst the youth. But unfortunately all that popularity was also perceived as notoriety among a different set of stakeholders, namely the parents.

Battlegrounds Mobile India had to address these perceptions both in terms of action and communication.

They brought change by introducing a 3 hour gaming limit that requires a one time password from a parent to continue.

But we still needed to communicate to the parents that Battlegrounds Mobile India is both a responsible and an empathetic brand that will support Responsible Gaming

The film tells the story of the long suffering family of a gamer. We see the all the tribulations they're put through and the relentless and disruptive assault of sound they're subjected to. We see individual members go through their own disruptions, before telling their parents that their long suffering is coming to an end because now, young gamers cannot game for more than 3 hours without a One Time Password. We've represented the gamer's non stop gaming sounds with a quirky beatboxing style machine-gun mouth.

BGMI (known as PUB-G worldwide) is game that went from being popular to becoming an addiction. There are ghastly and scary stories around kids not being able to handle the addiction. And these stories had started turning parents against gaming. BGMI recognised this problem and took measures to foster a safe and healthy gaming space.

The film was launched on YouTube and select television channels in November, 2021 and was supported by two other films talking to the gamers and the government.

The film quickly went viral, garnering more than a million views in the first three days and over 12 million in the three months that it has been up. It also showed a very high degree of engagement and positive response from the stakeholders and the gamers themselves.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Company Credits: Early Man Film Pvt. Ltd.
Individual Credits: Team DDB Mudra Group
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