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Asian Paints ColourNext 2021 - Asian Paints - Asian Paints JPG
Asian Paints ColourNext 2021 - Asian Paints - Asian Paints MOV 51s

Asian Paints ColourNext 2021 - Asian Paints
Client: Asian Paints
Entrant: Kulfi Collective

Asian Paints ColourNext 2021 - Asian Paints - Asian Paints

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Asian Paints ColourNext 2021
Brand: Asian Paints
Client: Asian Paints
Entrant Company: Kulfi Collective
Description: ColourNext is an annual colour and decor trend forecast, the only one of its kind in India. Each year, Asian Paints collaborate with experts from different disciplines to put together a comprehensive forecast of colours, materials, textures and finishes for those who design for India. As the year unfolds, these trends become more evident across design fields.

Post Office Studios ideated, conceptualised and executed the four trend videos (Habitat, Felicity, Z-Futures and A Home New World) and the main Colour Of The Year video (Cherish) to showcase their texture, material and colour palette .
Company Credits: Brand - Asian Paints
Company Credits: Design & Animation - Post Office Studios
Individual Credits: Creative Directors - Aditya Tawde, Kunal Prabhu, Harsh Sharma, Vibha Lad, Vaibhav Negi
Individual Credits: Executive Producer - Kedar Thapar
Individual Credits: Lead Creative Producer - Aunnesha Sen
Individual Credits: 3D Designers - Vaibhav Negi, Martin Salfity, Nachei, Carlos, Evelin Meiriño, Fran Rossi
Individual Credits: 3D Animators - Vaibhav Negi, Appa Chandra, Martin Salfity, Evelin Meiriño, Julia Mazykina, Ruye, Nachei, Carlos
Individual Credits: 2D Designers - Shradha Verma, Pankaj Gole, Omkar Sawant & Sanoj Gopinath
Individual Credits: 2D Animators - Vibha Lad, Shradha Verma, Rashi & Naveen
Individual Credits: Cel Animator - Nicolas Marsa
Individual Credits: Music Directors - Resonate & Kambiz
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