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It's Just A Period - Daughter's Day - Johnson & Johnson India - Stayfree JPG
It's Just A Period - Daughter's Day - Johnson & Johnson India - Stayfree MP4 3m:16s

It's Just A Period - Daughter's Day - Stayfree
Client: Johnson & Johnson India
Entrant: DDB Mudra Group

It's Just A Period - Daughter's Day - Stayfree - Johnson & Johnson India

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Entry Title: It's Just A Period - Daughter's Day
Brand: Stayfree
Client: Johnson & Johnson India
Entrant Company: DDB Mudra Group
Description: In India, girls spend a lifetime making periods invisible, hiding in shame and coping in silence. But where does it all start? It starts with the girl seeing only her mother talk to her about periods in hushed tones; fathers looking the other way at the mere mention of the subject. It starts with girls learning that they need to hide their periods from men.

Stayfree understood that normalising periods would remain unattainable if men are excluded. Because if men could be a part of the conversation, there would be no reason left to hide periods.

So the idea was to get fathers and daughters to have their first-ever conversation about periods. But instead of convincing them to talk about it, we tricked them into it. By creating a scenario where they could come and audition for an ad, not knowing it was for Stayfree.

English Translation: Subtitles are included in the media uploaded.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Individual Credits: Rahul Matthew - Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Pallavi Chakravarti - Creative Head-West
Individual Credits: Vinay Singh - Associate Creative Director(Copy)
Individual Credits: Tushar Sawant - Associate Creative Director(Art)
Individual Credits: Yashima Yadav - Group Head(Art)
Individual Credits: Prasad Masekar - Art Director
Individual Credits: Anand Murty - Strategy Head
Individual Credits: Sanchari Chakrabarty - Sr Strategy Director
Individual Credits: Shesha Shukla - Strategist
Individual Credits: Ketan Rambhia - Senior strategist
Individual Credits: Ankita Choudhary - Senior strategist
Individual Credits: Anurag Tandon - Managing Partner - West
Individual Credits: Nishant Saurabh - Head of Business Management
Individual Credits: Aaradhee Mehta - Vice President & Business Partner
Individual Credits: Megha Jaiswal - Director Brand Engagement
Individual Credits: Spriha Walia - Executive brand solutions
Individual Credits: Riddhi Mehta
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