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#TheGreatestHack - Burger King India - Burger King JPG
#TheGreatestHack - Burger King India - Burger King MP4 1m:50s

Brand: Burger King
Client: Burger King India
Entrant: FoxyMoron Digital Marketing

#TheGreatestHack - Burger King - Burger King India

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Entry Title: #TheGreatestHack
Brand: Burger King
Client: Burger King India
Entrant Company: FoxyMoron Digital Marketing
Description: The Indian Premier League is a yearly cricketing event that takes place across 2 months with matches being played every day. 120 international cricketers come together once a year for this billion-dollar celebration of the game. With 400 million people watching, brands dish out billions of dollars in advertising, sponsorship deals, and TV/digital rights. When COVID-19 surged in 2021, experiencing IPL from the stadiums was a no-go for the fans.

The brief was simple - get more people to spend time on the app and make it an integral part of their match viewing experience while also joining the conversation and chatter around IPL.
All of this while also keeping in mind a much smaller marketing budget of just 40,000 Dollars.

Hence, we did what Burger King does best - we hacked the conversation and ensured our small budget had big gains.
Company Credits: FoxyMoron Digital Marketing
Company Credits: Burger King India
Individual Credits: Dhruv Warrior
Individual Credits: Srishti Jain
Individual Credits: Kristen Sakile
Individual Credits: Sourodeep Banerjee
Individual Credits: Ayesha Karbari
Individual Credits: Siddhesh Jadyar
Individual Credits: Shreya Krishnan
Individual Credits: Aakash Dwivedi
Individual Credits: Harshal Trilolekar
Individual Credits: Aayushi Vora
Individual Credits: Kartik Mallapur
Individual Credits: Pinaki Roy
Individual Credits: Akshay Lokhande
Individual Credits: Shishir Mahendrakar
Individual Credits: Ankush Bhandarkar
Individual Credits: Vaishnavi Arawkar
Individual Credits: Prashant Sukhwani
Individual Credits: Hemal Thakkar
Individual Credits: Harleena Bhela
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