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Thank You - Budweiser
Client: Anheuser Buch InBev India Ltd
Entrant: Early Man Film Pvt Ltd

Thank You - Budweiser - Anheuser Buch InBev India Ltd

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Entry Title: Thank You
Brand: Budweiser
Client: Anheuser Buch InBev India Ltd
Entrant Company: Early Man Film Pvt Ltd
Description: ‘Kings are made ̶o̶v̶e̶r̶n̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ over nights’ rings true for this Influencer generation, where on the surface it looks like everyone - from a gaming influencer in Nagpur to a baker in Delhi - is enjoying their 15 seconds of fame but actually, countless nights and work go into finally getting enough views, followers, and that fame. And it is true for Budweiser as well – a beer that is brewed longer than others to give it a smooth taste.
In the film, the thought is represented by Siddhant Chaturvedi – a budding Bollywood star – as he takes us through his journey in the form of a thank you speech.
This being the equity campaign for Budweiser, the objective was to create a thought and a film that spoke to and for the urban Indian millennials as well the beer itself – which is brewed longer than other beers to give it its smooth taste.
Company Credits: Early Man Film PVT LTD
Company Credits: Animal - Agency
Individual Credits: Ayappa KM - Director
Individual Credits: Anand Menon - Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Milin Shah - Producer
Individual Credits: Sayantan Choudhury - Agency Team
Individual Credits: Kunel Gaur - Agency Team
Individual Credits: Sheetal Raghav - Agency Team
Individual Credits: Jose Luis Bernal - DOP
Individual Credits: Abhro Banerjee - Offline Editor
Individual Credits: Ajinkya Jadhav - Online Editor
Individual Credits: Xavi Santolaya - Colorist
Individual Credits: Ayappa KM - Music
Individual Credits: Tilak Goswami - Additional Music Production / Arrangement
Individual Credits: Tilak Goswami - Sound Design
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