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Brand: CRED
Client: CRED
Entrant: Early Man Film Pvt Ltd

Dravid - CRED - CRED

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Dravid
Brand: CRED
Client: CRED
Entrant Company: Early Man Film Pvt Ltd
Description: The campaign was designed to popularize CRED. To promote an app that provides its customers insane rewards for paying credit card bills, we wanted the experience of watching the ad itself to be rewarding. Since the majority of credit card holders in India are millennials who grew up in the 90s, we wanted the ads to be a treat for them. The product proposition was conveyed upfront so that a good chunk of the ad could function as an entertaining piece of content that evokes feelings of amusement and nostalgia.
In each ad, the audience gets to see their favourite celebrity doing something out of character. The joy of seeing their childhood icons after a long passage and the thrill of re-discovering them in an avatar never seen before make this campaign memorable. Our main goal was to make the audience feel special and rewarded, which is what CRED is all about.
More importantly, we wanted to make ads that go beyond advertising and create pop culture.
English Translation: Jim Sarbh: When you pay your credit card bills on CRED, you earn CRED Coins. Use them to claim cash back and rewards.
I know this sounds ridiculous. It’s like saying Rahul Dravid has anger issues.

Dravid: Hey! That doesn’t mean you can overtake!

Dravid: Come, man! Come! You Come, man!

Dravid: I’ll smack you!

Dravid: Could have gone straight and taken…

Dravid: (Screams in anger)

Dravid: I am the Don of Indranagar
Company Credits: Early Man Film Pvt Ltd
Individual Credits: Ayappa KM - Director
Individual Credits: Anand Menon - Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Milin Shah - Producer
Individual Credits: Tanmay Bhat - Creative Team
Individual Credits: Devaiah Bopanna - Creative Team
Individual Credits: Nupur Pai - Creative Team
Individual Credits: Vishal Dayama - Creative Team
Individual Credits: Puneet Chadha - Creative Team
Individual Credits: Shan Mohd - Offline Editor
Individual Credits: Sagar Kadam - Online Editor
Individual Credits: Navin Shetty - Grade
Individual Credits: Tilak Goswami - Sound Engineer
Individual Credits: Karan Malhotra - Music
Individual Credits: Piyush Raina - Casting
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