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Assi Reach Gaye - OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant: Corcoise Films

Assi Reach Gaye - OYO - OYO

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Assi Reach Gaye
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant Company: Corcoise Films
Description: We were missing out on business from the family segment due to negative perceptions around brand OYO. Thus we transformed from a hospitality brand to a tech company by generating awareness around the app and its key features
English Translation: Assi Reach Gaye

Mummy we reaching?
Not yet baby
We reaching?
We reaching now?
Papa we reaching??
We’re reaching, we’re reaching!”
Company Credits: Corcoise Films
Individual Credits: Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy - Director
Individual Credits: Cyrus Pagdiwala - Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Bhavin Gajria - Producer
Individual Credits: Davinder Konsal - Editor
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