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Royal Enfield - Be Reborn - Royal Enfield
Client: Royal Enfield
Entrant: LoudMouth

Royal Enfield - Be Reborn - Royal Enfield - Royal Enfield

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Royal Enfield - Be Reborn
Brand: Royal Enfield
Client: Royal Enfield
Entrant Company: LoudMouth
Description: The cosmos is interconnected in ways we can't comprehend. Through this film one explores nature as if they are experiencing it for the first time, like a newborn. The film places us right where we belong, amongst nature. It is treated to be an immersive experience for the viewers. We dive deep into the mind of our protagonist through this film and experience life around us for the first time just like him.

The film aims to create a heightened sensory experience for its viewers. The amplified ambience sounds, of the birds chirping, the engine of the bike, the laughter of the kids, the waterfall, the beetle and the monkey, the droplet landing and the pouring of the tea, suck us into the world of the film. The sound design masterfully mixed with music provides for the complete immersion of oneself into the environment of the biker. We become one with the bike, the biker and nature.
Company Credits: LoudMouth Film
Company Credits: Royal Enfield India
Individual Credits: Director - Aakash Bhatia
Individual Credits: Producer - Priyanka Bangia
Individual Credits: DOP - Vikash Nowlakha
Individual Credits: Editor- Priyank Prem Kumar
Individual Credits: Music - Rahul Pais and Nariman Khambata
Individual Credits: 1st AD - Devrath Sagar
Individual Credits: Production Designer - Sharanya Menon
Individual Credits: Costume Stylist - Preeti Venkatesh
Individual Credits: Colorist - Nicola Gasparri
Individual Credits: Line Producer - Jiten Arora
Individual Credits: DA - Nisarga SP
Individual Credits: HMU - Danica Drego
Individual Credits: Local Line Production - Red Apple Films - Anil Kaisth and Rony
Individual Credits: Casting - Tanu Malhotra
Individual Credits: Grips - Rudhraveer Singh
Individual Credits: Post Producer - Dhruv Thakkar
Individual Credits: VFX - Chimney Group
Individual Credits: Sound Design - Udit Duseja
Individual Credits: Actor - Shashvat Seth
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