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Brand: Vedantu
Client: Vedantu

VMaps - Vedantu - Vedantu

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Entry Title: VMaps
Brand: Vedantu
Client: Vedantu
Description: Problem/Context: Every year coaching institutes fight for space on hoardings and newspapers displaying their toppers’ mug shots in the same way. Online learning platform Vedantu wanted to take on these reputed institutes and showcase that their toppers come from every home in every corner of India unlike offline coaching institutes. Also, there are many instances where multiple coaching institutes showcase the same top ranker’s faces which makes people question their authenticity.

Idea/Solution: Being an online learning platform which believes in innovation in teaching & learning, we wanted to declare our results in an innovative way as well. We wanted people to experience finding Vedantu toppers all around India including areas around them. So, instead of fighting for space and showcasing mug shots that the offline institutes do, as an online learning platform we decided to show every area from where our toppers came from.

We found a hack on Google where one can add missing places. We populated Google Maps with locations of Vedantu top scorers from JEE, NEET and 10th & 12th boards. People could search for “Vedantu Scorer” on Google and get the area from where each topper came from.

Impact/Results: Without paying a single penny to Google, we added locations and the search of “Vedantu” increased by 22% within 4 weeks of the campaign.
Company Credits: AutumnGREY Mumbai
Individual Credits: Bodh Deb – Vice President, AutumnGREY
Individual Credits: Nishant Ananthram – Creative Director, AutumnGREY Mumbai
Individual Credits: Umang Agarwal - Copy Intern, AutumnGREY Mumbai
Individual Credits: Mohit Kukreja – Account Executive, AutumnGREY Mumbai
Individual Credits: Shalini Ghildiyal – Senior Account Director, AutumnGREY Mumbai
Individual Credits: Mohit Bharadwaj – Senior Creative Designer, AutumnGREY Mumbai
Individual Credits: Aanchal Srivastava – Group Account Manager – AutumnGREY, Mumbai
Individual Credits: Jane Sequeira – Copy Supervisor, AutumnGREY Mumbai
Individual Credits: Karan Talreja – Brand Manager, AutumnGREY Bangalore
Individual Credits: Yashashwani Somashekhar – Sr. Group Account Manager, AutumnGREY Bangalore
Individual Credits: Niraj Sahani – Senior Visualizer, AutumnGREY Mumbai
Individual Credits: Lucky Saini - Head of Brand Marketing, Vedantu
Individual Credits: Jayendra Katti – Brand Marketing Manager, Vedantu
Individual Credits: Mayank Arora – Social Media Manager, Vedantu
Individual Credits: Sangeeta Panigrahy – Assistant Brand Manager Marketing, Vedantu
Individual Credits: Agna Rohini – Program Manager, Vedantu
Individual Credits: Prerona Bhattacharya – Assistant Manager, Brand Marketing, Vedantu
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