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Save Our Sentinels - Jimmy Nelson Foundation - Jimmy Nelson Foundation MP4 7m:26s

Save Our Sentinels - Jimmy Nelson Foundation
Client: Jimmy Nelson Foundation

Save Our Sentinels - Jimmy Nelson Foundation - Jimmy Nelson Foundation

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Save Our Sentinels
Brand: Jimmy Nelson Foundation
Client: Jimmy Nelson Foundation
Description: Save Our Sentinels is a powerful visual commentary and an indigenous musical narrative on the last sentinels of our natural reserves, the last 36 indigenous tribes standing still, in rare still photographs. Stitched together from thousands of photographs and cinemagraphs of the last indigenous tribes interspersed with the rarest footage of their ancient habitats. The original soundtrack is a multilingual musical expression of Indigenous Life Lessons with from ancient tribal sayings, shaman chants and forgotten folk songs from all the tribes featured in the film. Blink. And they're gone.

Life Lessons from the last sentinels of our natural reserves.
standing still in spite of human progress and inhuman greed.
standing still to protect their family trees and forests.
standing still as the guardians of ancient culture.
standing still as the guardians of our future.
standing still as the children of mother nature
standing still in a series of still photographs.
Blink. And They’re Gone.

Launched on 21 May 2020, United Nations World Day for Cultural Diversity across UN Social Media platforms, Cinema Halls and Discovery Channel. Featured in the Last Sentinels Exhibition at Ateliers Des Lumiere in Paris - October 2020.

The musical narrative builds from ancient Life Lessons, Shaman Chants and Folk Songs of the last indigenous people and reveals the life threatening moments of the endangered tribes in their own ancient habitats. The visual expression celebrates the last sentinels of mother nature, standing still in spite of the threat to their cultural identity and their own forest lands.

The Indigenous soundtrack is a multilingual musical expression of Life Lessons from ancient tribal sayings, shaman chants and forgotten folk songs recorded on location across all the indigenous tribes featured in the film. The musical narrative includes Indigenous Life Lessons from Africa, Siberia, India, South America and Australia. Vocals Singers include Grammy Award Winner Richard Bona and traditional gypsy tribal singers from Duala - Cameroon, Siberia & India.

Numerous Indigenous communities have come forward to share their traditional knowledge. They are the wisdom keepers, who can teach humankind life lessons. The Save Our Sentinels Documentary Film was launched on 21 May 2020, the United Nations World Day to celebrate our Cultural Diversity. The Campaign continues to celebrate the last few indigenous tribes left on earth at various UN platforms and Iconographic Exhibitions at the Ateliers Des Lumiere in Paris. Celebrating the last humans who have resisted the homogenous race of humanity, choosing to stay different and rooted to their own cultural identity. In times like this when we need to come together as one human race, its important to respect and celebrate our cultural diversity.
English Translation: English Transcript of the Multilingual Musical Narrative.
Life Lessons from the Last Indigenous Tribes.
Respect Your Family Trees
Trees are the Cathedrals of our Culture.
We grow on their shoulders
and learn the lessons of life
We breathe in what they breathe out
We are connected in the cycle of life.

Forests are the Cradle of Mother Nature
They stand still and rooted to the mother
They are the oasis of every indigenous culture
We may lose everything and have nothing
We never lose sight of the mother.
Return to innocence. Return to the cradle.

Fight Fire with Fire
Learn to move to natures beat
to run faster than the wind
to dig a trench ahead of the fire
fan the fire from the opposite direction
And let fire consume the fire
to save the forest.

The Earth does not belong to us.
We are saving it for our children and their children.
We are all visitors to this time, this place.
We are just passing through.
Our purpose here is to observe
to learn, to grow, to love
and then we return home.
Who will look after it for generations to come.

Guard the Guardians of our Future.
The elders of a universal truth
The protectors of our mother
The sentinels of our souls
ancestors connecting to our true being
keepers of the cosmic universe
They are the wise ones
The teachers, the guardians
of ancient rituals and knowledge

One with the mother
is the meaning of life
Bring me the curious child
the one seeking answers
Bring me the seekers of the light
who turn dark shadows
into pale insignificance

The children of Mother Nature.
The guardians of our culture.
The guardians of our future.

Save Our Sentinels.
Blink. And They’re Gone.
Company Credits: Wunderman Thompson
Individual Credits: Senthil Kumar - Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Senthil Kumar - Writer & Director
Individual Credits: Jimmy Nelson - Photographer
Individual Credits: Dhruv Ghanekar - Music Director
Individual Credits: Priyank Premkumar - Editor
Individual Credits: Kevin Menezes - Offline Editor
Individual Credits: Dev Nayak - Online Editor
Individual Credits: Joseph George - Sound Engineer
Individual Credits: Ryan Suares - Executive Producer
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