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Drive Thru Codes - HRPL - McDonald's India PNG
Drive Thru Codes - HRPL - McDonald's India JPG

Drive Thru Codes - McDonald's India
Client: HRPL

Drive Thru Codes - McDonald's India - HRPL

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Entry Title: Drive Thru Codes
Brand: McDonald's India
Client: HRPL
Description: A McDonald’s drive thru is not just a service we offer, it’s a tradition. But the World Drive Thru day in 2020 posed an impossible challenge. With a nation under lock down, and people forced to stay at home, we had to find an innovative way to celebrate this tradition.

Introducing McDonald’s #DriveThruCodes.

An idea that allowed the twitterverse to play the role of a McDonald’s Drive Thru attendant. All you had to do was guess the name of the car in our Drive Thru tweet and get a code for the right effort. What started as a simple twitter activity gained immense traction in a few hours time. With over 6600 mentions and 1.3Mn reach we soon became the trending topic of the day.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Company Credits: 22feet Tribal Worldwide
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