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The Ultimate Reminder - Fevicol
Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd

The Ultimate Reminder - Fevicol - Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: The Ultimate Reminder
Brand: Fevicol
Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd
Description: 2020 began with India bracing itself for the pandemic - and the subsequent lockdowns.

However, as lockdown restrictions were gradually relaxed, we noticed an increasingly casual approach towards social distancing - despite the constant rise in cases.

So we decided to highlight the importance of social distancing - doing what we do best.

We went into the food court of a mall - and literally stuck every alternate table to its chairs so that they could not be used.

As expected, people didn’t pay much attention to the tent cards on the table kept beforehand - and chose to sit.

To their surprise, they were unable to even pull the chairs out!

Only when they eventually read the tent card did they realise that these tables had been reserved by Fevicol, for their own safety.

As a result, smiles were shared, social distancing was preserved, and a much-needed reminder was delivered.
Company Credits: Schbang Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Individual Credits: Viren Chhabria
Individual Credits: Aniket Ajwani
Individual Credits: Shourya Porwal
Individual Credits: Aditya Mehendale
Individual Credits: Jay Morzaria
Individual Credits: Puru Agarwal
Individual Credits: Madhvendra Singh
Individual Credits: Kartikeya Misra
Individual Credits: Riya Arora
Individual Credits: Saurabh Bhandari
Individual Credits: Rahul Rohra
Individual Credits: Rahul Hansraj
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