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EasyA Mobile Application - EasyA Inc - EasyA PNG
EasyA Mobile Application - EasyA Inc - EasyA PNG

EasyA Mobile Application - EasyA
Client: EasyA Inc

EasyA Mobile Application - EasyA - EasyA Inc

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Entry Title: EasyA Mobile Application
Brand: EasyA
Client: EasyA Inc
Description: EasyA is a London-based company that offers a unique, modern, and easy approach to mathematical learning for students. Offering on-demand 1:1 math tutoring to students, EasyA ensures that students get the required help they need to ace their exams.

Students are able to connect with their tutors by merely snapping a photo of their maths question. They are then matched to a tutor who can help them. EasyA is founded by two Oxbridge and Ivy League university graduates who used to be former tutors themselves. EasyA is built on the idea that the sooner students get help, the better they learn.

Detailed Case Study here:

Can download the app from here :

Company Credits: Brucira Online Solutions Private Limited
Individual Credits: Siddhita Upare
Individual Credits: Harsh Vijay
Individual Credits: Sanni Kumar
Individual Credits: Aditya Dubey
Individual Credits: Juilee Mahimkar
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