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End-To-End Farmer Support App - SeedWorks - SeedWorks PNG
End-To-End Farmer Support App - SeedWorks - SeedWorks MP4 1m:09s

End-To-End Farmer Support App - SeedWorks
Client: SeedWorks

End-To-End Farmer Support App - SeedWorks - SeedWorks

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Entry Title: End-To-End Farmer Support App
Brand: SeedWorks
Client: SeedWorks
Description: India - the country that ranks #2 globally in farm outputs did not have a single personalized platform for farmers to find credible scientific information about agriculture. SeedWorks partnered with us in removing this roadblock through design.

Our team spent 18 days talking to 690 farmers across 9 Indian states to understand their unmet needs. Armed with this research, we decided to create a comprehensive platform that considered the human need for instant gratification and engagement.
We designed the SeedWorks app with a crop calendar and robust gamification features - handholding the farmers throughout the crop life cycle and rewarding them for improving their yield through the app.

With strong visual cues, amicable conversational tone, and voice feature as a constant across all platforms, the SeedWorks app has become an ally of farmers - potentially changing the lives of 14.5 crore farmers and bettering the nation from the grassroots level.
Company Credits: NetBramha Studios
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