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Alexa Goes Bonkers - Taco Bell
Client: Burman Hospitality Pvt Ltd

Alexa Goes Bonkers - Taco Bell - Burman Hospitality Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: Alexa Goes Bonkers
Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Burman Hospitality Pvt Ltd
Description: Taco Bell wanted to launch their Mild and Wild Naked Chicken Tacos in India. Two tacos that are totally different but equally awesome, which made it hard to pick the better Taco between the two. We tried multiple ways to get an answer. From getting two guys to toss a coin in our TVC, to having an entire debate show with comedians, to going out and asking people ourselves. Nothing worked.

Finally, we turned to Alexa and her Artificial Intelligence for an answer.

We encouraged people to ask – “Hey Alexa which taco is better? The Mild or the Wild?" And so, they did. Alexa was definitely not ready for it. She endlessly argued with herself on which taco was better. And day by day, her patience wore thin. She got angry at the question, and even begged people not to ask it again. She even gave out discounts to people in exchange for not asking the question.

Why did Alexa get confused? Well… maybe we programmed her to do that. Maybe.
Company Credits: BBH Communications India Pvt. Ltd.
Individual Credits: Russell Barrett
Individual Credits: Arvind Krishnan
Individual Credits: Sanjay Sharma
Individual Credits: Nivedita Agashe
Individual Credits: Jugal Joseph
Individual Credits: Rohan Mathew
Individual Credits: Chetan Mane
Individual Credits: Rachit Koradia
Individual Credits: Rahul Kulkarni
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