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It's Just A Period - Stayfree
Client: Johnson & Johnson

It's Just A Period - Stayfree - Johnson & Johnson

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Entry Title: It's Just A Period
Brand: Stayfree
Client: Johnson & Johnson
Title: Main film
Description: About 15 million girls enter the menarche cycle every year in India, yet more than 71% of them have no knowledge of menstruation before their periods. All because a cycle of shame and silence is perpetuated around periods – in society, but also at home. During the pandemic, this was only going to get amplified with the lockdown cutting girls off from their primary sources of information on periods - teachers & friends. Stayfree decided that it was time for families to play their part.

We shifted the onus of the period experience from her to her family – who let her know that ‘It’s just a period’. We used the power of social and influential voices in pop-culture to spread this message – reaching over 15m people, including men and parents. We partnered with Menstrupedia, a leading resource on menstruation, to offer workshops for parents. 450 parents attended all workshops and made this message their own – helping Stayfree help young girls know and believe that ‘It’s Just a Period’.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Company Credits: Interactive Avenues
Individual Credits: Team DDB Mudra
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