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Astronaut - IDFC Mutual Fund
Client: IDFC Mutual Fund

Astronaut - IDFC Mutual Fund - IDFC Mutual Fund

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Astronaut
Brand: IDFC Mutual Fund
Client: IDFC Mutual Fund
Description: Investing in fixed deposits is the most popular investment habit.

We needed to create dissonance in the minds of this risk averse investor who blindly parks their money in FDs. An outdated method of investing that keeps their money stranded for years.

IDFC Mutual Funds' #PaisoKoRokoMat campaign was a call to action.
A tongue-in-cheek investor awareness campaign, it underlines the fact there are dynamic, modern ways to invest your money than to deposit it someplace "good". It highlights the classic error made by a country of savers that doesn't allow money to grow to its full potential.

What makes the 2-film campaign memorable is the eccentric cast of characters bringing unexpected stories to life. Offering a third person perspective that makes the viewer chuckle while at the same time making them question their own unchanging attitude towards money.
English Translation: Officer: " Gopal, I knew you would return one day.
Here is your salary for the last 30 years.
Deposit this in some place good."

Astronaut : "Did he get lost in outer space for 30 years too?"

VO: Is your money still stuck in some old investment?
Forget it and invest in Mutual Funds.
Company Credits: TBWA India
Individual Credits: Parixit Bhattacharya
Individual Credits: Namrata Nandan
Individual Credits: Sourabh Pathak
Individual Credits: Subramanian Krishnan
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