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Desi Masala
Brand: Swiggy
Client: Swiggy

Desi Masala - Swiggy - Swiggy

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Entry Title: Desi Masala
Brand: Swiggy
Client: Swiggy
Description: The context:

Let’s start with a mini lesson on two Indian terms - first we have ‘desi’, which essentially means Indian. Next up is ‘masala’, which is a mixture of ground Indian spices.

The problem:

An image search of ‘desi masala’ does not pull up images of spices, masala powders, or curries. Instead you get pictures of only women, who are clearly being objectified for their voluptuous bodies.

The solution:

Swiggy, India’s leading food delivery platform wanted to change that result.

Here’s how - through a single social media post, we asked netizens to post images of the real desi masala (Indian food and spices), because search engines pick up on what everyone is talking about. In fact, we purposely didn’t create a hashtag because search engines pick up keywords over hashtags.

We chose Women’s Day to start the movement, leveraging Women’s Day topicality to shine the spotlight on sexism and objectification of women in relation to food - which is otherwise gender-neutral.

The result:

- The digital press organically picked up the campaign, and their article images of desi masala began to feature on image search front pages.
- In less than 48 hours our call-to-action reached 13M+ people, resulting in a 9175% increase in desi masala mentions - majority of which featured Indian food images.
- Search engine homepages displayed the campaign’s call-to-action as its first result, during the 48 hours of the campaign.
- User generated content created the hashtag #desimasla, which greatly contributed to cleaning up Instagram’s previous #desimasala hashtag content - which also happened to have women tagged to it.
- Clutter breaking Women’s Day content on an unspoken about issue that needed change.
- Sparked a conversation amongst brands, notable personalities, and people on a manifestation of sexism which was hidden from the world, up till our campaign.

Link to post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMBv2w2BPrP/
Company Credits: Swiggy Creative Studio
Company Credits: Film Dojo (Production House)
Individual Credits: Creative Director: Shikha Gupta
Individual Credits: Account Manager: Arjun Ravisanker
Individual Credits: Copywriter: Saagarika Shenoy
Individual Credits: Art Director: Harshvardhan Sharma
Individual Credits: Editing and animation: Mahesh Sudharsan and Joseph Gavin Jones
Individual Credits: Social Media Manager: Vaishali Sain
Individual Credits: Public Relations: Sanjana Shetty
Individual Credits: AVP Brand Marketing: Ashish Lingamneni
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