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Fevikwik Salaam - Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd - Fevikwik JPG
Fevikwik Salaam - Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd - Fevikwik MOV 1m:00s

Fevikwik Salaam - Fevikwik
Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd

Fevikwik Salaam - Fevikwik - Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Fevikwik Salaam
Brand: Fevikwik
Client: Pidilite Industries Pvt Ltd
Description: Fixing broken objects isn’t the most exciting thing in anyone’s life. We only fix something when it’s urgent or when work stops. And when that occasion arrives how do we make people remember that there is a simple, convenient, and cheap solution – Fevikwik. We realised that with the pandemic, most of us were spending disproportionate time at home, breaking things, and finding ways to fix them for the lack of alternatives. We figured a simple insight – People fix only when things break. We hit upon the idea to turn things on their head wherein instead of asking people to fix more, we decided to reward those who break more. Because only when things break is when someone fixes them. Social Media was our medium of choice as we wanted to engage and not explain.

Fevikwik Stars – A unique contest that rewards those who break things the most.
English Translation: Fevikwik Salutes
Fevikwik ‘Salaam’

Aankh moond kar chalne waalon ko Salaam
Our salute to those who walk with their eyes closed.

Bina chilke ke philsalne waalon ko Salaam
To those who slip and trip for no reason.
(Background song: Priya, we salute you.)

Kone pe mug rakhne waalon ko
To those keep their cups on the edge
(Background song: Rajesh, we salute you.)

Chori se ghar aane waalo ko
To those who come home secretively
(Background song: Bunty, we salute you.)

Oonche sur mein gaane waalon ko Salaam
To those who sing in a high pitched tone
(Background song: Uncle, we salute you.)

Heartbreak par phone break karne walon ko Salaam
To those who break their phones after heartbreaks
Galti se mistake karne waalo ko
To those who make mistakes, by mistake
(Background song: Sonu, we salute you.)

Cheesein break karne walon ko
To those who break things
(Background song: Sushma, we salute you.)

Jitane waalee
Who make the team win

Harane walee,
Who make the team lose

Laparwah ke shehen shaho ko
To the champions of recklessness

Fevikwik salaam karta hai..
Fevikwik salutes you

Kyu ki koi todte hai tabhi toh jodte hai..
Because it’s only when someone breaks, can someone can fix.
Presenting Fevikwik Stars.
Presenting Fevikwik Stars.
Cheezein todne ke champions ko tag keejiye, aur jeetiye dheron inaam.
Tag the champions who break things and win many rewards.

Company Credits: Ogilvy India
Individual Credits: Harshad Rajadhyaksha - Chief Creative Officer – India
Individual Credits: Kainaz Karmakar - Chief Creative Officer – India
Individual Credits: Sukesh Nayak - Chief Creative Officer - India
Individual Credits: Anurag Agnihotri - Managing Partner - Creative (West)
Individual Credits: Rohit Devgun - Executive Creative Director
Individual Credits: Saurabh Dikshit - Group Creative Director
Individual Credits: Anupama Sirsalewala - Associate Creative Director
Individual Credits: Raj Joshi - Creative Controller
Individual Credits: Sandesh Kargutkar - Art Director
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