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Hotstar Superheroes 2 - Star India / Disney+ Hotstar - Disney+ Hotstar JPG
Hotstar Superheroes 2 - Star India / Disney+ Hotstar - Disney+ Hotstar MP4 53s

Hotstar Superheroes 2 - Disney+ Hotstar
Client: Star India / Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar Superheroes 2 - Disney+ Hotstar - Star India / Disney+ Hotstar

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Hotstar Superheroes 2
Brand: Disney+ Hotstar
Client: Star India / Disney+ Hotstar
Description: This film is a story of a group of superheroes who want to watch the IPL game together during the lockdown, but their partners stop them using their superpowers, because it’s unsafe to step out.

Cultural Context behind the work:

The Indian Premier League is one of the world’s biggest sporting leagues; bigger than the NBA and Major League Baseball. Friends regularly get together during IPL season to watch the games together. But 2020 was the year of Covid-19. India was one of the first few countries to go into lockdown. With IPL matches still going on, people were craving to catch the games together. Disney+ Hotstar came to the rescue, giving people the chance to watch the match with their friends, from the safety of their own homes.
English Translation: Person on Phone: We haven't met for so're coming over to watch the match, right?
Flyboy: Reaching in 10 seconds
StretchGirl: Don't be a's not safe outside.
Magnet Man: Coming
Magnet Man: Match Started?
Laser Girl: Go on.

This Dream11 IPL, you can't step outside.
But you can still watch the match with your friends.
On Disney+ Hotstar.
Add your friends and watch together while chatting with them.
Disney+ Hotstar VIP
Only Rs 399 per year
Company Credits: Early Man Film Pvt Ltd
Company Credits: DDB Mudra India - Creative Agency
Individual Credits: Abhinav Pratiman - Director
Individual Credits: Anand Menon - Executive Producer
Individual Credits: Amarjeet Phukan - Producer
Individual Credits: Kavin Jagtiani - D.O.P
Individual Credits: Manisha Khandelwal - Production Designer
Individual Credits: RGBA Studios - VFX
Individual Credits: Akshay Mehta - Offline Editor
Individual Credits: Godwin DMello - Creative Director
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