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Reclaim Your Life - Tata - Tata Safari MP4 3m:19s

Reclaim Your Life - Tata Safari
Client: Tata

Reclaim Your Life - Tata Safari - Tata

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Reclaim Your Life
Brand: Tata Safari
Client: Tata
Description: A message of living life to the fullest is at the core of this film. The concept is fundamentally based on how our worlds have been taken over by commercialism and not being able to live in the moment. Breaking those caged chains and experiencing nature and the love of travelling to it’s fullest potential. The characters we meet are real, like all of us. It not only heighten’s the image of the brand but also translates its core values into a montage of visuals, the smaller moments and the bigger ones
Company Credits: Storytellers
Individual Credits: Director: Arun Gopalan
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