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Know Your World Better
Brand: Wikipedia
Client: Wikimedia
Entrant: Media.Monks India

Know Your World Better - Wikipedia - Wikimedia

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Entry Title: Know Your World Better
Brand: Wikipedia
Client: Wikimedia
Entrant Company: Media.Monks India
Description: Indian GenZ wants authentic and reliable sources of information- often turning to their favourite content creators on social media. We reached out to 9 such content creators on Instagram covering a wide array of interests and different fields. We encouraged them to create content in their own signature style, around their and their audience’s topics of interest using information readily available on Wikipedia- the world’s largest and neutral portal of knowledge sharing.

We called these WikiShorts- a series of 59 second snackable reels- posted online as a collab between the influencer and Wikipedia under the #KnowWithWiki. 9 reels were posted through influencers we asked them to use polls and Q&A stickers on their stories to further engage and communicate with their audience, asking them what they learnt and what else they would like to know about.

Through the #KnowWithWiki campaign, GenZ got activated, interested and more aware about the world around them- We reached over 26 Million People, the pages associated with the topic got 12% more traffic on Wikipedia and through the antics of the creators- viewers were encouraged to know their world better with Wikipedia.
Individual Credits: Creative Director - Soven Mandal
Individual Credits: Creative Director - Aman Rawat
Individual Credits: Associate Creative Director - Mohna Singh
Individual Credits: Creative Lead - Uday Mishra
Individual Credits: Copywriter - Purujit Arora
Individual Credits: Editor - Akhilesh Kumar
Individual Credits: Producer - Azad Negi
Individual Credits: Motion Graphic Artist - Jason Azyu
Individual Credits: Creative Lead - Ankit Srivastava
Individual Credits: Project Manager - Menka
Individual Credits: Chief Operating Officer - Kiran Ramamurthy
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