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Spread of Goodness
Brand: The Laughing Cow Cheese
Client: Fromageries Bel India Pvt Ltd
Entrant: Dialogue Factory, GroupM

Spread of Goodness - The Laughing Cow Cheese - Fromageries Bel India Pvt Ltd

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Entry Title: Spread of Goodness
Brand: The Laughing Cow Cheese
Client: Fromageries Bel India Pvt Ltd
Entrant Company: Dialogue Factory, GroupM
Description: The communication goal

Cheese, a nascent category, has a penetration of 4.8% HHId and is dominated by local giants like Amul and Britannia. Both brands have a strong presence across multiple cheese categories. The Laughing Cow Cheese started its operation in Mumbai city in Oct 2018 with unique fortified range addressing all existing segments (Slice, Spread, Block). Creating a new segment with the first spreadable portion available in its exclusive round box. From zero awareness in the last 3 years the brand managed to acquire the position of number 2 brand. Product experience through the direct approach of sampling at major MTO’S has been a key driver resulting in 40% conversions. But with a sudden break of COVID 19 all on ground marketing came to a standstill. Delivering product experience through sampling therefore becomes a tough task. The need was to find innovative and newer ways to sample the product
without overruling lockdown norms.

The situation analysis
The sudden break of Coronavirus brought in a stop to all on ground activations. But The Laughing Cow Cheese core of awareness creation was through and only through one-on-one product sampling. With
restrictions on the movement and no activity allowed in MTOs and other stores, sampling was a challenge. To stay in the consideration set the only way out was to make people somehow try and experience the product.

The media solution
To cement the brand The Laughing Cow Cheese in consumer minds, owning the association of bread was important. This is because 93% of consumers eat cheese with bread and roti’s. Therefore reaching their homes becomes the primary objective. But with lockdown restrictions reaching homes was a question mark. In our quest to find a solution we discovered that food essential services were the only ones who could reach the door steps. Hence we decided to explore the never done before association of ‘BREADWALA’S’. They were one of the essential goods service providers allowed and had just the
right fit to the product like cheese. Mumbai has a large network of bread vendors BREADWALA’ and The Laughing Cow Cheese became the first company who tapped this huge unorganized network. Though the task was close to impossible at the first thought we managed to reach them through bakeries. Once they were identified our team of experts trained them and equipped them with product knowledge. Each ‘BREADWALA’ covers an area and knows the number of households they visit daily. So, based on their suggestion stocks were provided. The unorganized network turned out to be the easiest to tie-up with. These partners then became the brand evangelists who followed all COVID appropriate norms and made the product reach every doorstep. Owning this channel had its uniqueness due to its direct connect of ‘Bread’ with ‘Cheese’. The Laughing Cheese created a new media altogether with perfect brand connect that no other media could ever have.

The scale of execution

- 30 promoters were trained to tap bread vendors at bakeries.
- Every morning and evening, bread vendors were met by the specially trained TLC promoters.
- Promoters explained the USP of the product before handing over samples.
- On their daily rounds, the bread vendors tried to convince consumers to opt for TLC.
- From one locality, the network grew to include many localities till the entire Mumbai city was covered. The vendors also brought back valuable feedback to promoters.

How did the innovation deliver the goal?
Building a brand from scratch with a frugal approach is a tough task. And with Covid giving a stop to all on-ground marketing activation, it became even more challenging. The marketing team however took this challenge head on and aimed at establishing The Laughing Cow with a relentless focus. In this activity phase, we got significant wins with consumers despite all challenges. Spont awareness doubled in the activity period. The door-to-door sampling also influenced online purchase in a big way and The Laughing Cow became No. 3 player on Big Basket and Milk Basket. The Laughing Cow continues to be perceived better than Britannia (No. 2 Player). Enrolled 1293 Breadwallas across Mumbai and sampled to 3.75 lakhs households.

What makes the innovation differentiated and unique?
The differentiated unique approach of reaching out to the TG through the existing network of Breadwalas was unique - it ensured that the consumers are reached at the door step. It also ensured that the sampling is done through an existing and trusted network which is already known to the TG
The bundling of the product with the BREAD created a combination that made perfect sense.

The implementation challenges

We had a couple of challenges:

Firstly - Breadwala community is highly unorganized - identifying them and ascertaining the reach that they can generate along with the number of Breads sold and HHs reached was a major challenge. This made enrolling them into the project a tedious task which the team executed through a thorough on-ground survey across key zones of Mumbai.
Secondly - Creating a robust channel of monitoring and ensuring that the samples reached the consumers without any market leakage was critical to the success of the campaign. We created a customized Mobile APP which helped the Breadwalas and the on-ground teams to upload the data and monitor the samples being distributed on a real time basis through a dedicated dashboard.
Company Credits: Groupm - Dialogue Factory
Company Credits: Fromageries Bel India Pvt. Ltd.
Individual Credits: Shweta Lamba
Individual Credits: Amish Morjariya
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