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Bringing Colours Back In West Bengal
Brand: Sunlight
Client: Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Entrant: Mindshare

Bringing Colours Back In West Bengal - Sunlight - Hindustan Unilever Ltd

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Entry Title: Bringing Colours Back In West Bengal
Brand: Sunlight
Client: Hindustan Unilever Ltd
Entrant Company: Mindshare
Description: An India Saree is the symbol of every Indian woman’s timeless elegance and pride. Some also spend heavily on branded designer labels. The culture of handloom sarees in India has made a mark on the world map but handloom weavers in West Bengal are now struggling given the rise of power looms and imitations. Covid-19 has worsened the situation. Weavers, who have been dressing Bengal and the nation in myriad colors over generations are now facing an existential crisis, signalling a dark future for this traditional craft. The earnings of these weavers went from $94 a month to $27 a month in the last few years.
Sunlight A regional detergent brand, With color guard technology depicts its communication through colorful sarees. The brand has always believed in enabling people to bring colors in their lives. With the onset of Pujo - the biggest shopping festival in West Bengal, we decided to revive the community and the art of weavers.
Introducing - Sunlight Tantir Rong (Sunlight colors of weaves)
An initiative that placed the weaver at the center and created the world’s first fashion label with ace fashion designer parama ghosh, wherein the name of the weaver preceded that of the designer. Every weaver now had a unique designer label under their name. These labels were then stitched on more than 5000 sarees.
Sunlight Tantir Rong’ connected these traditional weavers with famous contemporary designer – Parama Ghosh to give them a platform to showcase their magic and art. This exclusive collection was launched on Parama’s Ecom site.
With a 360-degree execution the idea was to drive maximum impact and thereby increase brand love and market share for Sunlight.
1. The Sunlight pack was redesigned and became a window for the weavers to showcase their designs to more than 30Mn households. Furthermore these packs carried a QR code that took users to the ecom site
2. Parama’s Ecom site listed every unique saree on the portal under unique weaver labels
3. We created a ‘shoppable’ TVC to drive sales
4. A long format film created on Youtube, tugged hearts by bringing alive the transition in these weaver’s fates and reached more than 8Mn people in West Bengal.
5. On the day of Mahalaya when the radio listenership exceeds TV in West Bengal. We played ‘Shoppable Audio ads’ throughout the day. The ad said – Ok google, take me to ‘Sunlight Tantir Rong’ website. As soon as the RJ commanded ‘Ok, google’ thousands of phones were activated and drove the listeners to the website
6. Key opinion leaders from different genres also spoke about the initiative and purchased the sarees to support the cause.
7. The campaign earned PR across all channels. India’s largest TV, print and digital partners spoke about the campaign, interviewing and felicitating Parama and the local weavers.
Every media activation helped the weaver bring colors back into their lives
• As recorded by theAudit agency weavers saw an absolute increase in their monthly income by 7 times. Helping them make more than $180.
• Saree sales increased by 150% for the designer thereby, helping weaver
The brand grew when the weaver did. The campaign also performed exceptionally for the brand:
• The video received more than 7Mn views on digital.
• Content across Parama’s social handle reached more than 15Mn people and received 1.6Mn engagement
• Campaign increased digital conversation by whopping 450%
• The biggest celebrities organically spoke about the campaign on their social platforms
• The TV Grps crossed 1700
• The Radio hijack increased the search results by a whopping 40% on the day of Mahalaya
• Campaign earned PR worth $1.5Mn
While the numbers speak for themselves the real metric of success was when Balram, a local handloom weaver from Katwa, Bardhaman district of West Bengal said - “The threads were our lifeline, but everything changed with the pandemic with little to no work coming our way. The Sunlight Tantir Rong initiative will actually helped us get back on our feet again.”
Company Credits: Mindshare India
Company Credits: SVF brands
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