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Brand: SOS Children's Villages India
Client: SOS Children's Villages India
Entrant: FCB India LLP Advertising Ltd + Kinnect

Chatpat - SOS Children's Villages India - SOS Children's Villages India

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Entry Title: Chatpat
Brand: SOS Children's Villages India
Client: SOS Children's Villages India
Entrant Company: FCB India LLP Advertising Ltd + Kinnect
Description: BACKGROUND
SOS Children’s Villages India is a non profit organization that works for the holistic upbringing of orphan children. They also run programs to help financially vulnerable families raise their children and eliminate the possibility of child abandonment.

SOS supports over 45,000 children in India and thus has a constant dependency on donations to fund their various development programmes. For a viewer, the website of SOSCVI was quite intimidating at first sight, with massive amounts of information, as well as a multitude of donation options (all of which on individual pages, for each programme). This would ultimately result in dropped opportunities of donation.

For the overall campaign we created a character - Chatpat, a 10 year old street kid from Mumbai. Not only did he woo the internet with his nuggets of street wisdom, but he was now gunning for corporate donations by recreating their iconic ads in his own ‘street’ style.

So it only made sense to make him a ‘tour guide’ for the whole online donation process.


We first narrowed down the multitude of donation requests by SOSCVI under 5 key buckets, and scripted them (literally) to how a 10 year old would explain it to you. The scripts and the overall flow was light hearted but also brought the plight of these kids to the viewers notice, and highlighted how their donation would significantly better the life of a child.

We also wrote lines for when the user had to enter their contact info, was shying away from disclosing confidential information such as their credit card number, and also when they would submit wrong information. All of this in Chatpat’s unique style.

The entire donation process was made seamless and entertaining. This separate landing page, made for the campaign, nested under the main domain page of SOSCVI.

Link :


The Interactive Donation Form helped drive home donations for SOS Children’s Villages India.

51.02% Increase in Individual Donations
89.38% Increase in User Sessions
126.90% Increase in Unique Visitors

Overall campaign success metrics :

61.46% Increase in Corporate Donations
278% Increase in Brand Mentions
1506% Increase in Brand Impressions
Company Credits: Kinnect
Company Credits: FCB India
Individual Credits: Swati Bhattacharya, FCB India
Individual Credits: Kartikeya Tiwari, Kinnect
Individual Credits: Ashish Tambe
Individual Credits: Jaikrishna Patel
Individual Credits: Priyanka Mestry Soni
Individual Credits: Lekha Kambli
Individual Credits: Mihir Shah
Individual Credits: Ritika Malhotra
Individual Credits: Aarzu Duggal
Individual Credits: Tirtha Bandi
Individual Credits: Garima Bisht
Individual Credits: Dhruv Shah
Individual Credits: Meru Kapoor
Individual Credits: Aditya Joshi
Individual Credits: Rishabh Kallyat
Individual Credits: Chirag Gupta
Individual Credits: Pranav Mestry
Individual Credits: Kevil Gada
Individual Credits: Pawan Pandey
Individual Credits: Maithili Mullick
Individual Credits: Amit Roy
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