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The Unfiltered History Tour
Brand: Vice Media
Client: Vice World News
Entrant: Dentsu Creative Services (India)

The Unfiltered History Tour - Vice Media - Vice World News

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Entry Title: The Unfiltered History Tour
Brand: Vice Media
Client: Vice World News
Entrant Company: Dentsu Creative Services (India)
Description: The British Museum is the world’s largest receiver of stolen goods with over 8 million objects - that’s a lot of potentially looted artefacts. But for centuries, we’ve only heard the imperialist version of how they got there. An equitable environment can only be created when silenced voices express the intergenerational trauma caused by colonial loot.

The world has only heard the British narrative of these non-British artefacts. There is a danger in a single story and narrative, and so the attempt was to balance the narrative by giving a platform to underrepresented colonial voices, without any agenda. Equal representation was ensured - with artefacts and colonised voices from Jamaica, Easter Island, Egypt, Greece, Nigeria, Ghana, Iraq, India, China and Australia spearheading the effort. Considering that Vice caters to a young audience that consumes news on social platforms, we extended the Tour through an immersive audio experience on all major audio platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Audible and more) backed by Vice’s journalistic rigour.

The Unfiltered History Tour is an alternative interactive tour of the British Museum’s disputed artefacts that challenges dominant narratives and makes room for voices of dissent in a postcolonial world. 10 native experts play tour guide in narrating the true histories of artefacts from their homelands - an opportunity for young audiences to embrace these issues beyond news headlines and hot takes on social media.
Company Credits: Dentsu Creative India
Individual Credits: Aabhaas Shreshtha - Creative Director- art
Individual Credits: Vaishakh Kolaprath - Associate Art Director
Individual Credits: Stuti Sudha - Senior Group Head - Copy
Individual Credits: Kushal Lalvani - Group Head - Copy
Individual Credits: Tanya Paul - Group Head Art
Individual Credits: Karthik Nambiar - Art Director
Individual Credits: Manasi Sheth - Associate Art Director
Individual Credits: Geetika Sood - Associate Creative Director
Individual Credits: Farishte Irani - Copy Supervisor
Individual Credits: Meghna Yesudas - Senior Copywriter
Individual Credits: Ananya Rao - Creative Strategist & Manager - Corporate Strategy
Individual Credits: Rakesh Bairwa- Senior Director - Production
Individual Credits: Manish Joseph - Senior Group Head - Motion Graphics
Individual Credits: Niranjan Raghu - Group Head - Video
Individual Credits: Gerson Pearson - Associate Group Head - Video and Mixed reality
Individual Credits: Vignesh Praveen - Sr. Video Editor and Animator
Individual Credits: Rahul Sharma - Senior Lead Developer
Individual Credits: Shreya Vivek Arora - Sr. Visualizer
Individual Credits: Karishma Changroth - Group Account Director
Individual Credits: Anjali Thomas - Senior Account Manager
Individual Credits: Binaifer Dulani - Creative Director - copy
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