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Unbox Me
Client: UNAIDS
Entrant: FCB India LLP Advertising Ltd


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Entry Title: Unbox Me
Client: UNAIDS
Entrant Company: FCB India LLP Advertising Ltd
Description: Most transgender children in India experience violence early at home. 70% of them end up on the streets before the age of 15, and without money or education often have to rely on sex work. As a result, transgender people have a 34 times greater risk of acquiring HIV than other adults.

UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV, is committed to breaking down the gender stigma and discrimination that are creating this heart-breaking situation.

What’s needed is a shift in perception of transgender people within Indian society, especially with parents of young children. Their common belief is that gender is a choice, while in reality children naturally identify with gender as early as 2 years old and promptly start hiding their true identity from disapproving eyes of family and caregivers.

Changing perception of a topic that many people have closed themselves off from, needed a breakthrough approach.

The idea:

Children often love to collect their most precious possessions in a little treasure box. These objects reveal what they like, who they are and what they dream of. Trans children are no different. But for them, their box becomes a place to hide their identity, filled with items that don’t fit the gender norm society expects them to conform to.
Based on the stories of dozens of transgender men and women, we carefully and respectfully recreated their childhood treasure boxes, and turned them into tools to open the conversation around children’s gender identity. On social media, influential Indian personalities unboxed these childhood treasure boxes for the world to see, urging everyone to provide their children with a loving home where they can develop into the person they really are.

Without any media spent, Unbox Me raised awareness and sparked conversation between millions of Indians, with influencers across the spectrum helping to spread our message to reach out to an audience of 13.9 million. On transgender visibility day, dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of discrimination faced by transgender people worldwide, offered the perfect momentum to amplify our message. A 2-minute film showcasing our unboxing efforts was shared with the world through the official UNAIDS social media accounts, and those of our participating influencers. Multiple boxes, along with personal letters from the transgender adults the boxes belonged to, were sent to journalists, leading to a significant PR response, including feature articles in The Times of India (world’s best-selling English-language daily), The Hindustan Times (one of the largest newspapers in India) and Vogue, resulted in over 44 million impressions. And that’s just the first step. Unbox Me has been included in a gender sensitization program that’s rolling out across Indian school communities, already in use in 57 schools of the Millenium School Group.

These small but meaningful boxes are bringing visibility to the plight of transgender children, men and women, everywhere. They’re changing perception and are helping to create more homes where children have the loving support to develop into their happiest, healthiest and most accomplished selves.

Company Credits: FCB India
Company Credits: UNAIDS
Individual Credits: Swati Bhattacharya - Vice Chairperson - FCB India
Individual Credits: Anusheela Saha - Group Creative Director
Individual Credits: Kizie Basu - VP, Strategy
Individual Credits: Vishakha Khattri - Senior Brand Manager
Individual Credits: Arun Rawat - Animator + Editor
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