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Brand: Nourishco
Client: Tata Gluco Plus
Entrant: Wunderman Thompson India

ENERGIFS - Nourishco - Tata Gluco Plus

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: ENERGIFS
Brand: Nourishco
Client: Tata Gluco Plus
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson India
Human Powered Loops of Energy brought alive with a street capture of a real life giant wheel powered by pure human energy.
It's not just a gif. It's an ENERGIF
The internet and social media is filled with gifs but no brand has used this trend to engage with audiences on social media and elevate its proposition single mindedly.
We experimented with the medium of storytelling through gifs and created innovative gifs that brought alive the brand proposition in every frame of the communication.
We engaged with photographers across the country to generate a hypnotic non stop loop of images, creating a series of gifs branded as #ENERGIFS to highlight the proposition of non stop energy from Tata Gluco Plus, the non stop energy drink.
The proposition of non stop energy was brought alive using seamless loops of human energy capturing people performing actions repeatedly that needed energy to go on and on.
The stream of energifs on were shared on social and digital platforms and went viral on whatsapp groups, social and digital media single mindedly communicating non stop energy again and again.
The energifs generated millions of shares on social and became repeating reminders of the brand and its proposition of non stop energy, engaging and elevating Tata Gluco Plus into a socially popular energy drink.
English Translation:
Company Credits: Wunderman Thompson India
Individual Credits: Senthil Kumar : Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Ritu Nakra : WPP Client Lead
Individual Credits: Karan Amin : Brand Digital Head
Individual Credits: Sumeet Kundhiya : Digital Art Director
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