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Brand: Google Search
Client: Google India
Entrant: Toaster

#SearchForChange - Google Search - Google India

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Entry Title: #SearchForChange
Brand: Google Search
Client: Google India
Entrant Company: Toaster
Description: Even in the 21st century, women in India are faced with taunts like – “prepare for your marriage and not your MBA” and “what will people say if you play sports with boys”. These pointed us to a deep-rooted cultural gender bias that holds millions of young women back from asking questions and seeking information. As a result, limiting their potential and dreams.

Google believes information is fundamentally empowering. So, in this context we knew the role of Google voice search lay in challenging this significant barrier and empowering women.

Thus, #SearchForChange was born – an outdoor led Women’s Day campaign by Google India that challenged regressive gender biased voices in society, inspired women to do the same and empowered them with a tool to access their potential and dreams.
English Translation: Translations are in the uploaded case study video
Company Credits: Toaster
Company Credits: Webchutney
Individual Credits: Ira Gupta - Executive Creative Director - Toaster
Individual Credits: Bhawika Chabbra - Chief Business Officer - Toaster
Individual Credits: Anshul Nagpal - Creative Director (Art) - Toaster
Individual Credits: Karan Mujoo - Associate Creative Director (Copy)
Individual Credits: Swati Kapoor - Senior Copywriter - Toaster
Individual Credits: Tripti Arora - Senior Art Director - Toaster
Individual Credits: Sapna Bangera - Associate VP Account Management - Toaster
Individual Credits: Tusharika das - Designer - Toaster
Individual Credits: Yatin Gupta - Vice President - Account Management
Individual Credits: Simran Shroff - Senior Copywriter
Individual Credits: Satvika Jain - Copy Supervisor
Individual Credits: Srujana Rachuri - Senior Copywriter
Individual Credits: Ria Mittal - Senior Visualizer
Individual Credits: Chirag Thakkar - Senior Creative Director
Individual Credits: Sabah Sogi - Account Executive
Individual Credits: Nikita Goel - Senior Account Executive
Individual Credits: Rumela Chandra - Associate Account Director
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