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Every Screen Is A Masterpiece - Dhanvarsha - Money Rabbit JPG
Every Screen Is A Masterpiece - Dhanvarsha - Money Rabbit JPG

Every Screen Is A Masterpiece
Brand: Money Rabbit
Client: Dhanvarsha
Entrant: 3 Minds Digital

Every Screen Is A Masterpiece - Money Rabbit - Dhanvarsha

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Every Screen Is A Masterpiece
Brand: Money Rabbit
Client: Dhanvarsha
Entrant Company: 3 Minds Digital
Description: Money Rabbit: An omnichannel credit health builder and digital lending platform.

Money Rabbit is one of the top leading mobile applications which focuses on improving the credit history of the underprivileged segment like Direct Sales Agents, Domestic Help, Students, etc, who don’t hold strong savings accounts but still want to avail themselves the credit benefits without any collaterals.

The app had to be designed in a way to woo the targeted users and keep them engaged throughout for which the 3MD team designed not only the app but also a mascot to enhance the overall experience, A Rabbit that assists the users to take multiple actions and express emotions. This greatly helped enhance the app's recall value.

The Challenges
1. The target audience does not get loans easily from banks or other financial institutions.
2. The major reason for these loan application denials is their poor credit score which the user groups do not know the significance.
3. They need a set of services and post completion of their objective they don’t engage back with the platform.

3MD began with comprehensive research regarding the most immediate competitors. Plans for UX and UI design largely centered on understanding the types and amount of content that the application would contain. With solutions tailored to specific requirements, we wanted to make sure visitors land exactly where they were supposed to and took actions that we wanted them to.

The User Interface is designed with an interactive strategy, considering the top trending designs, using illustrations as a way to engage the users, and space management.

It is key to gain users' trust early on so that they love and use a product, and this starts right from the very beginning, when they first discover the product, what they see when on the website, or via whatever medium they first heard about them.

In order to successfully onboard this segment of users, it is imperative to build trust with them which our UI designs along with the mascot successfully did.
Individual Credits: Siddharth Bajpai
Individual Credits: Urvashi Jain
Individual Credits: Moomal Manglani
Individual Credits: Snehal Khandelwal
Individual Credits: Shivam Tiwari
Individual Credits: Pavani Chandak
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