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Netflix For All - Toh Baat Pakki? - Netflix India - Netflix MP4 50s

Netflix For All - Toh Baat Pakki?
Brand: Netflix
Client: Netflix India
Entrant: Creativeland Advertising Pvt Ltd

Netflix For All - Toh Baat Pakki? - Netflix - Netflix India

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Entry Title: Netflix For All - Toh Baat Pakki?
Brand: Netflix
Client: Netflix India
Entrant Company: Creativeland Advertising Pvt Ltd
Description: Social diversity in India is an understatement, especially when it comes to entertainment choices and decisions. Equally prevalent, however, are hierarchical social and familial systems that prize deference to the decisions and tastes of elders. It’s long been a country with only one TV in the household, which has had to toe the line when it came to big life decisions like weddings and life partners.

But it is also a country that is changing, with mobiles and internet at this evolution’s centre. People are exploring more individual tastes, specifically in the entertainment context.

Netflix highlighted one such situation in this film to bring alive its catalogue’s diversity: the classic bride & groom meet-up, where the bride discusses classic family favourites to win over the prospective groom’s family, but doesn’t leave the groom himself behind – who lights up when he discovers her preference for the modern, edgy stuff too!

Additionally, with India being a price sensitive market, Netflix had not translated into big subscriber numbers, being 4-5x more expensive than its competitors.

Therefore, to gain subscribers, Netflix India’s vast content variety story – suitable for everyone’s needs, tastes and preferences – had to be the hero, supported with a price drop – an offering one couldn’t say no to.

Netflix positioned itself as the OTT channel with a vast reservoir of content that provided tremendous social connections and cachet for the Indian consumer!
English Translation: Family muttering:
“Please have something.”
“No no, I’ve had enough.”

Boy’s Mother: “Ask her.”

Boy’s Father: “Dear, tell us something about yourself?
What do you watch on Netflix?”

Girl: “Sure…”

Girl: “Hum Saath Saath Hai” (Movie Title, Meaning - We're all in this together)

Girl: “Hum Aapke Hain Koun?” (Movie Title, Meaning - Who am I to you?)

The family in unison: “Wow.”

Girl: “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo” (Movie Title, Meaning - I got the wealth of the gem of love)

Boy’s Grandmother: “How impressive!”

Girl: “We are Family” (Movie Title, Meaning - We are a Family)

Boy’s Grandfather: “K3G?” (Movie Title)

Girl: “3 times sir…”

Girl: “I also watch Stranger Things, Money Heist and Narcos”

Boy: “And Squid Game?”

Girl: “Of course.”

There’s a Netflix that everyone likes
There’s a Netflix that you like
Now watch on any device for Rs 199.
Company Credits: Creativeland Digital Technology
Company Credits: Netflix India
Company Credits: Early Man Films
Individual Credits: Sajan Raj Kurup
Individual Credits: Anu Joseph
Individual Credits: Shalini Sinha
Individual Credits: Ritesh Rao
Individual Credits: Abhijat Bharadwaj
Individual Credits: Lishoy George
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Individual Credits: Abhay Manachekar
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Individual Credits: Payal Patnaik
Individual Credits: Sonia Dhankani
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