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Netflix - PlayBack
Brand: Netflix
Client: Netflix India
Entrant: Creativeland Advertising Pvt Ltd

Netflix - PlayBack - Netflix - Netflix India

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Entry Title: Netflix - PlayBack
Brand: Netflix
Client: Netflix India
Entrant Company: Creativeland Advertising Pvt Ltd
Description: Altering perceptions to create value.

Netflix was known for its global stories and niche, edgy content. It had a badge value to it for a while, till other players started entering the OTT landscape with local and regional content that the Indian audiences were used to, and also new stories that they started warming up to.

With this competitive landscape, the audiences started perceiving Netflix as a platform that was unapproachable and not for them - perceiving it to lack of variety, limited catalogue and too pricey for what it was offering.

This perception needed to be broken, to show Netflix as a platform that is a vast reservoir of local and global content, suitable to everyone’s tastes and preferences. Thus, building a positive and favourable perception for Netflix as great value for time and money spent on it.
Company Credits: Creativeland Digital Technology
Company Credits: Netflix India
Company Credits: CreativeLand Production
Company Credits: Entourage Films
Individual Credits: Sajan Raj Kurup
Individual Credits: Anu Joseph
Individual Credits: Shalini Sinha
Individual Credits: Ritesh Rao
Individual Credits: Suyash Barve
Individual Credits: Shyam Nair
Individual Credits: Sushant Barua
Individual Credits: Pratyush Sinha
Individual Credits: Kinnari Sanghvi
Individual Credits: Isha Nandi
Individual Credits: Nishant Raut
Individual Credits: Joe Macwan
Individual Credits: Karuna Sridhar
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