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The Lost Daughters
Brand: Sanlaap
Client: Sanlaap India
Entrant: Wunderman Thompson India

The Lost Daughters - Sanlaap - Sanlaap India

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Entry Title: The Lost Daughters
Brand: Sanlaap
Client: Sanlaap India
Entrant Company: Wunderman Thompson India
Description: The Lost Daughters focuses on an issue that has been prevalent for decades but there’s hardly any awareness about it.

In India, when women are rescued from human trafficking, they think their trauma is over but in reality, this is only the beginning of their trauma.

After they are rescued, when their families are contacted to take them back, they often refuse to accept them because of social stigma, patriarchy, and the fear of being shunned by society. These women are abandoned by their loved ones and are living in despair for years. Some families refuse to even acknowledge the existence of their daughter and sever all ties with her.

Sanlaap, an NGO that rescues and rehabilitates women, wanted to highlight this issue and reunite rescued daughters with their families.

The Lost Daughters campaign was launched during Durga Puja 2021. The campaign used the backdrop of Durga Puja to draw attention to a social injustice that plagues millions of women in India.

Durga Puja, one of the largest festivals in the world, welcomes home the Goddess Durga like a daughter. According to Hindu mythology, Durga is the daughter who visits her parental home and is welcomed with open arms.

During this festival, countless pavilion-like structures called ‘pandals’ are constructed with the Durga idol. Millions of devotees visit these pandals (pavilions) to worship the idol and shower love on the proverbial daughter.

But this year, a pandal unlike any other was created. A pandal without the Durga idol.

The Lost Daughters used this pandal (pavilion) without the idol of the Goddess to remind people of the hypocrisy in India that welcomes the Goddess like a daughter but abandons daughters who are rescued from human trafficking.

The venue, then further became a neutral ground for a reunion, where these daughters came face to face with their families. Along with NGO workers, counselors, and human rights activists, Sanlaap initiated a dialogue between these abandoned daughters and their families

In just 6 months, Sanlaap has successfully reunited 18 happy daughters with their parents.
Sanlaap continues to raise awareness around this issue with regular conferences and awareness drives. The NGO has partnered with other organizations and eminent personalities to encourage families to fight the social stigma that stops them from accepting their own daughter home.
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