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We Are In The Making
Brand: Instagram
Client: Meta
Entrant: DDB Mudra Group

We Are In The Making - Instagram - Meta

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Entry Title: We Are In The Making
Brand: Instagram
Client: Meta
Entrant Company: DDB Mudra Group
Description: Instagram was considered ‘pristine’ - where people appear to be ‘perfect’. A complete anti-thesis to what young India wanted. Young India wanted to express their work-in-progress selves, without the fear of failing or making a fool of themselves. And Instagram was the best space for that, especially Reels. Because nothing here was set in stone and it was an ecosystem that celebrated experimentation – with an always evolving roster of creators and community. That’s why, we had to make sure that Young India knew that just like them, Instagram believed that ‘We are in the Making’.

Our campaign was all about partnering young creators in their WIP journey to unleash a vision of what’s possible through trial and discovery. To bring this idea to life, we created a massive campaign spanning across 5 TVCs, 11 on-platform films, and various other mediums, tapping into the inflection points in a young creator’s journey. Empathising with their doubts, tensions and celebrating the freedom and validation that individual expression brings. Moreover, we kept it real by featuring homegrown creators and stories, and creating pieces that reflected the affinities of our young creators – encouraging the use of AR filters, music, fashion and lifestyle.

Over 110k reels were created around the campaign, empowering more than 3K young creators across India. By garnering over 1.1 Bn campaign views and with a total reach of 310 Mn, it went on to become one of the largest customised Instagram campaigns in the world.
Company Credits: DDB Mudra Group
Individual Credits: Team DDB Mudra Group
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