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The Family Man Season 2
Brand: Amazon Prime Video India
Client: Amazon India
Entrant: SoCheers

The Family Man Season 2 - Amazon Prime Video India - Amazon India

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Entry Title: The Family Man Season 2
Brand: Amazon Prime Video India
Client: Amazon India
Entrant Company: SoCheers
Description: Amazon Prime Video is one of India’s leading OTT platforms. It’s original show, 'The Family Man', amassed tremendous popularity during its first season and was all set to launch its second. While the characters of the much-loved and highly anticipated show entertained the "fan-ily" through the riveting new season, the campaigns and activations aimed to mirror the same experience in order to revive the positive sentiments that were stirred during Season 1. Specifically curated narratives were drawn to get the fans curious about the new season, expand the fandom and keep the audience intrigued right up to the day of the launch.

It started with #SrikantKahanHai (Where is Srikant) which got everyone to call a number to enquire about the protagonist by implementing the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology. Innumerable social media posts with the hashtag drove positive conversations around the show and welcomed the fans into its world with the two-way communication.

The next phase, The Family Man Job Hunt, started off by tweeting from brand's social media handles that Srikant was on the lookout for a new job which had fans, celebrities, brands and influencers reply with funny and bizarre job recommendations. Never before has any campaign gotten industry leaders, CEOs and company heads to act as influencers and this formed the central innovative concept for the campaign. Names like Ankur Warikoo (Nearbuy), Kabeer Biswas (Dunzo), Ritesh Agarwal (OYO) and Manu Kumar Jain (Xiaomi) were handpicked for the collaboration considering their youth appeal and an active social media presence. These real-life entrepreneurs of renowned corporates interviewed a fictional character, Srikant Tiwari (the show’s protagonist), for a fictional corporate role. This creative amalgamation of reel and real helped the storyline to resonate with the audience. It built on the overall theme of the show as well, where, even though Srikant is a counter-terrorism Indian government official, he’s also a “family man’, dealing with regular day-to-day issues that Indian masses can relate to. Talking about relatability, the format chosen for the video series was a Zoom interview, which, given the worldwide Work From Home (WFH) situation, was the new normal. The fact that most Indian audiences were experiencing WFH for the first time, it being replicated by one of their favourite shows, built a stronger affinity. The script also enhanced this sense of familiarity with deliberate yet organic instances, like family members in the background of your important Zoom call and the “am I audible?” situation.

Next, #MemeTheFamilyMan was initiated, recognising an organic trend around the show and actively employing it for higher engagement and increased overall impact. Since, the show’s fans have been known to use some key moments from the series and turn them into meme templates for hilarious effect, a meme-making UGC contest was best positioned to facilitate the fandom. Moreover, a YouTube premiere was hosted with well-known content creators like Saurabh Ghadge and Focused Indian reacting to the best entries and announcing the winners.

The different campaigns collectively helped The Family Man Season 2 become the most-watched show in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. The show’s social media followers spiked by 3X. The editorials had a 7M+ engagement and Twitter saw 276K+ engagement through the different legs of the campaign. The Family Man Job Hunt was featured in 114+ publications, and 45+ brands organically engaged with the activity. #MemeTheFamilyMan trended on #5 on Twitter on the day of the launch and 21k+ entries from over 8.2k people were received.
Company Credits: SoCheers
Company Credits: Amazon Prime Video India
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