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The Family Man Job Hunt
Brand: Amazon Prime Video India
Client: Amazon India
Entrant: SoCheers

The Family Man Job Hunt - Amazon Prime Video India - Amazon India

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Entry Title: The Family Man Job Hunt
Brand: Amazon Prime Video India
Client: Amazon India
Entrant Company: SoCheers
Description: Amazon Prime Video is one of India’s leading OTT services. It’s original show, 'The Family Man', amassed tremendous popularity during its first season and was all set to launch its second season. Hence, the fandom needed to be reignited and engaged in a unique, innovative and relatable way in order to increase the social conversations around the show just in time for the launch of the second season. Moreover, the overall situations of working remotely and increased video content consumption were also considered while devising the overall campaign strategy.

Never before has any campaign gotten industry leaders, CEOs and company heads to act as influencers and this formed the central innovative concept for The Family Man Job Hunt. Names like Ankur Warikoo (Nearbuy), Kabeer Biswas (Dunzo), Ritesh Agarwal (OYO) and Manu Kumar Jain (Xiaomi) were handpicked for the collaboration considering their youth appeal and an active social media presence.

The amalgamation of reel and real also brought innovation to the project. The afore-mentioned real-life entrepreneurs of renowned corporates interviewed a fictional character, Srikant Tiwari (the show’s protagonist), for a fictional corporate role. This helped the storyline to resonate with the audience. It built on the overall theme of the show as well, where, even though Srikant is a counter-terrorism Indian government official, he’s also a “family man’, dealing with regular day-to-day issues that Indian masses can relate to.

Talking about relatability, the format chosen for the video series was a Zoom interview, which, given the worldwide Work From Home (WFH) situation, was the new normal. The fact that most Indian audiences were experiencing WFH for the first time, it being replicated by one of their favorite shows built stronger affinity. The script also enhanced this sense of familiarity with deliberate yet organic instances, like family members in the background of your important Zoom call and the “am I audible?”.

The Family Man Job Hunt innovatively fused bold and subtle elements for maximum impact. From 4 industry stalwarts and the critically acclaimed actor, Manoj Bajpayee (playing Srikant Tiwari), sharing the screen, to making the nuances of online interviews hilarious, the campaign built a comprehensive narrative that the fans absolutely adored.

By engaging the audience in conversations around Srikant's job options on social media, The Family Man Job Hunt successfully reignited the fans' love for the show. It received more than 7.4M views and over 142K engagement. Moreover, its zoom video approach was successful in establishing it as highly relatable, not only among the show's fans but to the industry at large, as seen in the over 114 organic news coverage it garnered.

Influencer collaborations with real-life corporate leaders and entrepreneurs helped the campaign transcend the barrier between fiction and reality, and generate conversations that extended quite beyond the entrepreneurial & entertainment circles in India.
Company Credits: SoCheers
Company Credits: Amazon Prime Video India
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