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Get The Message
Brand: Cadbury Bournvita
Client: Mondelēz India
Entrant: Ogilvy India

Get The Message - Cadbury Bournvita - Mondelēz India

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Entry Title: Get The Message
Brand: Cadbury Bournvita
Client: Mondelēz India
Entrant Company: Ogilvy India
Description: BACKGROUND: Bournvita successfully spotlights Mental-Health when Immunity was the showstopper.
Bad news and panic by the hour, was the normal we have lived with for the past two years. And ‘Immunity’ was the elixir the world was chasing, including Bournvita.
But keeping our ear to the ground for news on children, is second nature and we realised that another silent pandemic was on the rise - The 2020 National-Crime-Records-Bureau recorded over children 11,396 suicides in India, that’s over 31 deaths per day – and the No 1 Reason was emotional trauma from social confinement. We as parents, adults and society in charge of protecting these children were totally missing the signs till it was too late.

But why?
Because Indian parents think physical illness is real, not depression or anxiety! And children acting ‘not normal’ is often relegated to a behavioural or disciplinary issue.
At least 50 million kids in India suffered from mental health issues before pandemic, with 80–90% going unreported. The pandemic accelerated it, where 1-in-6 kids between 10-19 years suffered from depression6.
Bournvita has always been the voice of the progressive parent – standing for both mental and physical development. Our Immunity arsenal was already firing, and it was time to put children’s mental health at the forefront. We ran the risk of alienation, but the time had come to put mental health on priority and business second.
It’s not like parents weren’t trying – In the mad rush to ensure their child’s physical well-being while ensuring education wasn’t hampered, they were also subconsciously putting unrealistic expectations on children – to be well-mannered, cheerful & obedient even as the world around us was falling apart. And if a child did not toe the line, parents would assume it to be typical teen-angst.
To understand why parents missed addressing the real issue, we conducted a national research with over 100+ mothers. We realised that most didn’t know what the symptoms of mental health are unlike other diseases.
This stark finding led us to our insight – “Physical health issues are visible through symptoms and therefore easier to address, whereas mental health symptoms were unknown”.

Bournvita had to get parents to spot signs of mental health problems and teach them ways to tackle them sensitively.
Get The Message – We created a bot and made films where the viewer could chat with the kids in the ads via a bot to literally GET THE MESSAGE about mental health symptoms.

Given that the topic was taboo & immunity was centre stage, we rolled out a hyper-personalised campaign:
# AWAKEN & CONNECT - To get noticeability, we targeted a time where the conversation on Mental Health would be somewhat organic - World Mental Health Day to National Children’s Day. The campaign started on WMH day and gathered steam by Children’s day before dovetailing into a longer shelf life on the back of consistent results.
# RAISE AWARENESS – Our narratives were designed to help parents recognize the signs of mental health which are often completely missable
# DISRUPT THROUGH INNOVATION: While the topic needs education and conversation, it is also deeply personal and needed to be handled such. We used digital innovation to get into the most personal space that people have today – Whatsapp.
Leading from popular social media, our awareness videos had an inbuilt WhatsApp bot that reached individual viewers, where the kids from the video opened up about the problem and viewers were then taken on a hyper-personalised journey to help them discover the topic, learn more and get access to expert help from those qualified to talk. You could call, read or chat – basis your comfort level. Because wasn’t that the whole point – making India comfortable with the topic?
# 24*7 HELPLINE SUPPORT: We are not mental health experts, so we partnered with Minds Foundation, an NGO dedicated to this cause and through the bot, helped parents access a 24/7 toll-free helpline manned by our partners ‘The Minds Foundation – an NGO dedicated to this cause’ where they could seek guidance via counsellors.
# EDUCATE –we created website, giving parente easy access to interactive and accessible literature on how to engage with children struggling with their mental health, have difficult conversations, equip them with tools for resilience, and develop stronger relationships
# PACTIVATION - Turning our Pack into Info provider: Enabled a QR code on the pack for existing users to scan and know more about mental health.
# LEVERAGING PARTNERSHIPS - we tied up with a progressive celebrity mom Twinkle Khanna to reach parents on social media. She pointed out how difficult it is even for her to catch these signs, but its time parents sat and spoke to their kids. She directed parents to our website for more guidance.
# REACHING PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE: While we were interacting with parents through social media apps Facebook & Whatsapp; we needed to reach a wider audience. We partnered with mobile network apps like Jio and Airtel and e-commerce app Paytm to host our BOT interaction. The BOT journey was replicated on these apps with contextual banners drawing viewers attention to start interacting with Bournvita.

1. 1.5 million parents interacted with us creating 100,000+ conversations over three months.
2. 150K users signed up on website to know more.
3. The toll-free mental health helpline touched the lives of 1500+ children.
4. Creative effectiveness, a seamless consumer journey and innovative media deployment led to 50% less cost of interaction setting an industry gold standard.
5. Step-jump increase in penetration (+1.4pp over LY) and volume share (+2.5pp over LY).
Company Credits: Ogilvy india
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