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Fevicol On Instagram
Brand: Fevicol
Client: Pidilite India
Entrant: Schbang

Fevicol On Instagram - Fevicol - Pidilite India

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Entry Title: Fevicol On Instagram
Brand: Fevicol
Client: Pidilite India
Entrant Company: Schbang
Description: Over the years, Fevicol has charmed the country through its iconic TVCs and print ads. The brand owned its desi-ness and celebrated Indian insights through every story they told.
After decades of making indians chuckle through mainline advertising,
we realised the need to reach yet another, modern set of Indians - the ones living in the Insta age!

Our objective was to highlight our brand proposition through everyday life instances and relatable content on Instagram, but more importantly - making the average user smile. :)

But with an evolving audience, the way we communicate also had to evolve.

We kept an eye out for every trending topic that our users followed and had a take on it all, right from Ronaldo moving two coke bottles in a Eurocup conference, to Indians taking social distancing casually.

Not only that, we also played to the strengths of the platform by using new Instagram features (as and when they came up) to bring out our ‘Mazboot Jod’ proposition - whether it was leveraging the ‘Pinned Comments’ feature to create 120+ unbreakable friendships on Friendship day, or a more recent ‘tap and hold’ feature to profile a typical user’s friends on Instagram.

Over the year, we stuck to our diet plans, took Khali’s power to ultimate heights, crashed a wedding (initiating another ����‍♀️), and bantered with bunty on Holi.

We were showered with more than 236,628 likes and our content was shared 101,761 times! As a result, we garnered a whopping engagement rate of 33.8% and witnessed a follower growth of over 42.35%!

Overall, we not only cemented bonds with our existing followers but forged many new ones. Surely, they will stick with us for a long time. :)
Company Credits: Pidilite
Company Credits: Schbang
Individual Credits: Viren Chhabria
Individual Credits: Aniket Ajwani
Individual Credits: Shourya Porwal
Individual Credits: Jay Morzaria
Individual Credits: Puru Agarwal
Individual Credits: Kartikeya Misra
Individual Credits: Sanket Gawand
Individual Credits: Aditi Parmar
Individual Credits: Manisha Srivastava
Individual Credits: Sanjana Bhansali
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