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The Ronaldo Post
Brand: Fevicol
Client: Pidilite India
Entrant: Schbang

The Ronaldo Post - Fevicol - Pidilite India

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Entry Title: The Ronaldo Post
Brand: Fevicol
Client: Pidilite India
Entrant Company: Schbang
Description: We knew Cristiano Ronaldo had broken several records when it came to football, but could we ever imagine that he could bring down Coca-Cola’s valuation by a massive $4 billion?
Not at all!

When Ronaldo moved out the two Coca-Cola bottles kept on his table in a Euro Cup conference, it instantaneously resulted in the brand’s valuation falling by billions of dollars!

So when we woke up to this news trending on Twitter, we wondered - what if the bottles were Fevicol bottles instead?

While the news started snowballing across the world, we swiftly took this opportunity and went live with a post on social media stating that - had Fevicol bottles been there instead of the Coca-Cola bottles, Ronaldo would not have been able to move them. Furthermore, even the valuation of the company wouldn’t have fallen!

Given that we went live within hours of the news breaking out, it instantly went viral on Twitter. The witty one liner sent people into a frenzy and they couldn’t help but laugh and share the post with their friends!

The post reached 2.96 million people on Twitter with 359,880 of them engaging with it. Furthermore, more than 8000 people shared the tweet. As a result, not only did we garner a whopping engagement rate of 12.15%, but secured a 50% increase in our follower count - all within a span of two days!

People showered it with so much love that they even shared it on Whatsapp and Reddit! Such was the extent of our virality, that if one were to Google Coca-Cola, all they would see on the first page would be features of our social media post instead.

Eventually, our work was featured across national news platforms like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Live Mint, Money Control, and DNA India amongst many others!

Overall, our message reached out to 76 million people across the world, which helped us garner an earned media worth of an astounding ₹16 million!
All of this, without the brand paying a single dime.

Making it safe to say we scored the best goal of the Euro Cup this year! ;)
Company Credits: Pidilite
Company Credits: Schbang
Individual Credits: Viren Chhabria
Individual Credits: Aniket Ajwani
Individual Credits: Shourya Porwal
Individual Credits: Jay Morzaria
Individual Credits: Puru Agarwal
Individual Credits: Kartikeya Misra
Individual Credits: Sanket Gawand
Individual Credits: Aditi Parmar
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