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Doctor First - Neuberg Diagnostics - Neuberg Diagnostics MP4 1m:35s

Doctor First - Neuberg Diagnostics
Client: Neuberg Diagnostics
Entrant: Kadhai Films

Doctor First - Neuberg Diagnostics - Neuberg Diagnostics

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Doctor First
Brand: Neuberg Diagnostics
Client: Neuberg Diagnostics
Entrant Company: Kadhai Films
Description: This digital film is part of a series of videos of the campaign for Neuberg diagnostics with Dhoni as a brand ambassador.
There is a general mentality amongst most people to start giving free health advice to friends, family and acquaintances. We have observed so many people donning the hat of the doctor when they see someone with any kind of mild ailment or symtom.

We take this insight in the film to advocate an important message that people should take advice only from qualified “doctors” when it comes to their health.

The film is treated musically and has a tinge of humour and quirk to make the film more entertaining so that it could help reach a wider audience.
Here you go! It's made of herbs.
You'll be fine in a jiffy
Take it.
Feel like throwing up?
Here you go
2 before your meal
One after your meal
Everyone love's to play doctor
But when it comes to your health.
Don't listen to the world, listen to your doctor.
Company Credits: Production House: Kadhai Films
Company Credits: Agency: OPN Advertising
Individual Credits: Director: George K Antoney
Individual Credits: Director of Photograph: Jagadeesh Ravi
Individual Credits: Producers: Hari Prasad U & Farooq Mohamed
Individual Credits: Production Design: Selva Kumar
Individual Credits: Costume: Binita Ramanathan
Individual Credits: Casting Director: Sharanya Subramaniam
Individual Credits: Music: MADLEY BLUES (Harish Venkat & Prashanth)
Individual Credits: Creative: Chocka S & Bala Manian
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