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Statue - Jaquar & Company Pvt Ltd - Jaquar JPG
Statue - Jaquar & Company Pvt Ltd - Jaquar MP4 39s

Brand: Jaquar
Client: Jaquar & Company Pvt Ltd
Entrant: Enormous Brands LLP

Statue - Jaquar - Jaquar & Company Pvt Ltd

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Statue
Brand: Jaquar
Client: Jaquar & Company Pvt Ltd
Entrant Company: Enormous Brands LLP
Description: Jaquar has been India’s leading premium bathware brand. So much so, that it’s goodwill in this category makes it difficult for consumers to register that it also deals in premium lights. Jaquar’s IPL campaign takes a unique and hilarious cut to tackle this while keeping audiences hooked to the very last second. The three films play on consumer perception and portray a surreal world where bath products can be seen being installed in the most unlikely places. As the confusion clears, the lighting products are introduced in a glorious manner, which makes the ads even more memorable.
English Translation:
Man 1 : Hey what's going on out here...
Man 2: We're installing Jaquar
Man 1: Jaquar?

Man2: Sir..we're installing jaquar lights

Man 1: Oh

VO: India's leading bath appliance company now also into light

bath +Light
Company Credits: ENORMOUS
Individual Credits: Ashish Khazanchi
Individual Credits: Sarthak Sharma
Individual Credits: Mukund Raina
Individual Credits: Sandeep Patwardhan
Individual Credits: Ishmeet Kaur
Individual Credits: Soumitra Patnekar
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