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The Reward
Brand: PayTM
Client: Paytm
Entrant: Dentsu Creative Services (India)

The Reward - PayTM - Paytm

Purple Elephant

Entry Title: The Reward
Brand: PayTM
Client: Paytm
Entrant Company: Dentsu Creative Services (India)
Description: Since time immemorial, men have been considered to handle money better. The belief continues till date. Even with women bringing a salary home, the money & big expenses are largely entrusted to the male member of the family.
We wanted to make people realize how redundant this practice is and nudge women to take control of their own finances.
We used kids as part of a simple experiment, as a medium to drive home the message.

Individual Credits: NCD & Managing Partner - Anupama Ramaswamy
Individual Credits: Creative Director - Vedansh Kumar
Individual Credits: Business Head - Hindol Purkayashta
Individual Credits: General Manager - Sheeraj Sengupta
Individual Credits: Films Head - Suprotim Day
Individual Credits: Films Department - Aamir
Individual Credits: Group Chief Creative Officer- Ajay Gahlaut
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