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The Killer Pack
Brand: Maxx Flash
Client: Maxx Flash
Entrant: VMLY&R

The Killer Pack - Maxx Flash - Maxx Flash

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Entry Title: The Killer Pack
Brand: Maxx Flash
Client: Maxx Flash
Entrant Company: VMLY&R
Description: Problem:
Towards the end of 2021 India was facing the biggest outbreak in mosquito related cases of Dengue and Malaria. This was peculiar because mosquito-related cases only see a rise in the rainy season. This was also worrisome because the medical system was already overburdened amidst the pandemic.

While Indians were using mosquito repellent products to fight mosquitoes inside the home, disease control authorities pointed at new breeding grounds popping outside homes at garbage collection points. These garbage dumps provided optimal conditions for laying eggs, creating a vicious cycle.

Cultural Context:
The garbage collection system in India is broken. These collection points spread throughout the country like a network create optimal breeding grounds for mosquitoes even when it is not raining. Mosquito coils were used inside the house to fight the menace. But garbage collection points often filled with consumer packaging is where the mosquito laid eggs. The eggs hatch into larvae even in 1 cm of water before turning into adult flying mosquitoes. This created a vicious cycle.

Maxx Flash a mosquito repellent brand provided mosquito repellent solutions to get rid of mosquitoes inside the home. But for the first time it wanted to step outside the home and help consumers fight the menace at the source. And provide an innovative solution that helps fight the problem from within the system.

Maxx Flash introduced The Killer Pack. This 100% bio-degradable packaging lined and printed with 5% Active Probiotic Bacillus thuringiensis kills mosquito larvae when disposed in garbage dumps, dustbins, garden ponds, stagnant water, stormwater drains. This innovative packaging kills larvae outside the house while the non-toxic coil fights mosquitoes inside, breaking the vicious cycle.

Pack Production Details:
The non-toxic colours used to print the pack are natural, food grade and are ROHS complaint. They are free from heavy metal specifications of EN–71 ( heavy metal, like lead, zinc, tin, arsenic, cobalt etc.)
The strain of bacteria used is also safe. The use of 5% Active Bacillus thuringiensis is approved and recommended by WHO, EPA and ICMR for mosquito larvae control. We wanted to make sure it does not harm birds, rats or any other species that may feed on wet garbage or food waste from garbage bins.

The mosquito coil developed is also 100% natural and made up of natural oils of Neem, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Basil, Clove and Peppermint. It does not use any synthetic fragrance, chemicals or DEET.

The Killer Pack is available via the brand’s local distributors and on e-commerce sites like Amazon, and Indiamart for bulk requirements. And is also distributed via state health centres.

E-commerce link to Product:

Physical Packaging available for jury.
Company Credits: VMLY&R
Company Credits: Monkey On Hot Bricks
Individual Credits: Valerie Madon : Chief Creative officer Asia
Individual Credits: Mukund Olety : Chief Creative Officer
Individual Credits: Mahesh Ambaliya : Associate Creative Director
Individual Credits: Sunil Shinde : Associate Creative Director
Individual Credits: Harish Jadhav : Art Director
Individual Credits: Sejal Choudhary : Client Servicing Executive
Individual Credits: Akshay Madhavan : Director
Individual Credits: Junaid Pandrowala : Producer
Individual Credits: Shabbir Motiwala : Producer
Individual Credits: Ajinkya Shindgikar : Copywriter
Individual Credits: Ipsita Barik : Copywriter
Individual Credits: Shivali Sharma : Copywriter
Individual Credits: Ashwini Bhavsar : Art Director
Individual Credits: Balbinder Hoonjan : Client Servicing Manager
Individual Credits: Mahesh Ambaliya : Innovation & Copywriter
Individual Credits: Abhinav Galate : Client Solutions Director
Individual Credits: Saurabh Mathur : EVP
Individual Credits: Sachin Narkar : Director of photography
Individual Credits: Saurabh Pal & Gaus Kazi : Editor
Individual Credits: Hriju Roy : Music
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