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Pine Labs - All Tap - Pine Labs
Client: Pine Labs
Entrant: Footloose Films LLP

Pine Labs - All Tap - Pine Labs - Pine Labs

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Pine Labs - All Tap
Brand: Pine Labs
Client: Pine Labs
Entrant Company: Footloose Films LLP
Description: Idea: The idea was to call out and thank the invisible covid warriors. Everyday people such as the guy who kept the corner grocery store open while people lined up for essentials. Or the woman who started a home tiffin service. Medicine shop owners who came in contact with covid patients every day. And other such people kept India running as a second line of defence during the pandemic.

The film was made in the aftermath of the second wave of the pandemic when we were hit the hardest. And the desire was to uplift their mood a little and say thanks.


The task of the ad was to introduce a young brand, dealing in technology while talking to a TG of shopkeepers and wholesalers. People who still do their calculations with pen and paper and are still happy listening to and watching content from the 70s. There was an evident dichotomy.

The song that colours the entire ad is a Marwar folk song from Pakistan, sung in the rustic voice of Mai Dhai, set to a jazz standard. Each element on it's own had their merits. But to be combined so, is what made sure that the ad cut through. Wherever it played. It's a sound we don't always hear. And it played the soundtrack to a challenge we don't always face.
Company Credits: Footloose Films - Production House
Individual Credits: Mai Dhai - Singing
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