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Assi Reach Gaye
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant: OYO

Assi Reach Gaye - OYO - OYO

Baby Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Assi Reach Gaye
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant Company: OYO
Description: ASSI REACH GAYE? Travelling with family isn’t easy. Especially when travelling with kids. They're easily bored, lack patience and moody. Because, well, they're kids. Much like in our film featuring Kukki, a cute as a button kid with all the quirks and a sharp, restless brain, on the back seat of the car. The film captures one dialogue delivered by the kid, on loop- Assi reach gaye? An Engjabi (english + Punjabi) catch phrase for the much heard- "are we there yet?"

Until mom has had enough, and decides to use the OYO app's nearby feature. And books a stop over at an OYO nearby.
The film makes every parent relate to the pain point of travelling with a kid, yet gives the power of solving for it, through OYOs tech, right in their hands.

Cultural Context: OYO as an app offering safe spaces for everyone, sees a lot of traffic from couples. To diversify our segment and to tap into the emotion of post-pandemic revenge travel, this was the best time to talk to families. We chose to shift the conversation from hotels to our actual offering- our app. Along with elaborating on features such as ‘find hotels nearby’, to offer a solution from the brand while staying top of mind, when the consumer did decide to travel.
Company Credits: OYO
Individual Credits: Mayur Hola (SVP - Global Brand, OYO)
Individual Credits: Sanghamitra Chakraborty (Brand Operations Head)
Individual Credits: Prateek Suri (Head of Creative - Brand)
Individual Credits: Nishant Jayaswal (Global Brand Strategist)
Individual Credits: Rajat Agarwal (Head of Art - Brand)
Individual Credits: Megha Joshi (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Anissha Mazumder (Copy Lead)
Individual Credits: Adityajit Shergil (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Lohitaksh Guliani (Social Media Manager)
Individual Credits: Akansha Bakshi (Brand Manager- Campaign)
Individual Credits: Kassandra Pinto (Brand Manager - CRM)
Individual Credits: Bhartendu Vimal (Brand Manager- Media)
Individual Credits: Satabhisa Bhaumik (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Naman Kumar (Sr. Graphic Designer )
Individual Credits: Udit Gaur (Copy Lead)
Individual Credits: Akash Singh (Video Production Manger)
Individual Credits: Vedika Duggal (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Mohammad Azad (Graphic Designer )
Individual Credits: Rakesh Kumar (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Bhavin Gajria (Producer)
Individual Credits: Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy (Director)
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