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Assi Reach Gaye
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant: OYO

Assi Reach Gaye - OYO - OYO

Blue Elephant

Entry Title: Assi Reach Gaye
Brand: OYO
Client: OYO
Entrant Company: OYO
Description: OYO is a brand with high awareness. It delivers great value at convenient locations and is present in every nook and corner of India. But 61% of those aware of OYO, don’t want to try it. (Source YouGov)

Of these 80% aware non-trialists were from the family segment.
They’ve never downloaded the app. Or stayed with OYO. But have a negative perception about OYO Rooms.

How might we make families, a segment that makes up 55% of India’s travel business, with each booking being worth more (more people, longer length of stay) consider OYO for their next travel plan?

People and places have a reputation. Technology doesn’t.
So we replaced OYO rooms and the big red light outside them, with the sparkling white OYO app. And it slipped seamlessly into the needs and desires of the great Indian family.

We positioned OYO as the app a family can’t leave home without. And placed it in the hands of a parent as a journey must-have. Right alongside maps, music, games, and entertainment apps.

With over 16 OYOs per sq km in India, there’s one next to wherever you are. So when the need arises for a pit stop, OYO’s ‘Nearby’ feature helps find that place.

Tech to rescue + Cute kid + Star cast + Aspirational locations + Assi Reach Gaye (catch phrase).

- 5% increase in family association for brand OYO.
- App downloads saw a 23% increase organically,
- Family booking during holiday weekends increased by 76%.
- 1.3L families tried OYO for the first time.
- Positive tweets increased by 219%.

Company Credits: OYO
Individual Credits: Mayur Hola (SVP - Global Brand, OYO)
Individual Credits: Sanghamitra Chakraborty (Brand Operations Head)
Individual Credits: Prateek Suri (Head of Creative - Brand)
Individual Credits: Nishant Jayaswal (Global Brand Strategist)
Individual Credits: Rajat Agarwal (Head of Art - Brand)
Individual Credits: Megha Joshi (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Anissha Mazumder (Copy Lead)
Individual Credits: Adityajit Shergil (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Lohitaksh Guliani (Social Media Manager)
Individual Credits: Akansha Bakshi (Brand Manager- Campaign)
Individual Credits: Kassandra Pinto (Brand Manager - CRM)
Individual Credits: Bhartendu Vimal (Brand Manager- Media)
Individual Credits: Satabhisa Bhaumik (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Naman Kumar (Sr. Graphic Designer )
Individual Credits: Udit Gaur (Copy Lead)
Individual Credits: Akash Singh (Video Production Manger)
Individual Credits: Vedika Duggal (Copywriter)
Individual Credits: Mohammad Azad (Graphic Designer )
Individual Credits: Rakesh Kumar (Graphic Designer)
Individual Credits: Bhavin Gajria (Producer)
Individual Credits: Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy (Director)
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